Chapter 358- Labour is the most valuable
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 358- Labour is the most valuable

He couldn’t reject it so upfront. They would work together, and he had to give him some face, so he said another replacement method.

“This thing is called demon crystals; even if I tell you its use, you can’t use it. You should know that I am telling the truth. If these crystals were useful, you wouldn’t have thrown them away. This is why you can use this trash to negotiate with me. Let's work together since we are both asking for what we want. There is no use in knowing too much. What do you think?”

Ah Tao felt his attitude change and knew that the final condition touched his bottom line and secrets. He was too direct and decided to give him 500 grey crystals as an apology.

Ye Zhongming rolled his eyes. This old man knew how to gift him things. He told him he didn’t want grey crystals, so he used 500 to buy a favor. Why not 500 level-two crystals?

But it was a gift so he wasn’t unhappy about it. This thing could help him to recover his mental energy.

“What is the replacement method that you mentioned?” Ah Tao focused on developing the tribe, so he asked Ye Zhongming.

Ye Zhongming touched his chin and asked, “How did you create your weapons?”

The few in the tent were stunned and didn’t know why Ye Zhongming would ask that.

But weapon creation wasn’t a secret. It depended on skills. Ah Tao gave him a simple introduction. They just combined stuff and ground them. The higher-level ones were formed when Ah Tao used his enchanting ability to add energy to these weapons.

Ye Zhongming nodded. His guess was correct. They didn’t have job skills, so naturally, they couldn’t create strong weapons.

“Hand me your bow.”

Ye Zhongming pointed at the short bow by Miya’s waist, “Pass me an arrow.”

They didn’t know what Ye Zhongming was doing. Di Nuo and Kai Nuo, the two hunting team captains, were slightly nervous.

Miya looked at Ah Tao, and after the old man nodded, she handed it to him along with an arrow.

Ye Zhongming took out a bunch of monster teeth and claws that he had collected. He pressed it on the arrow, and

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