Chapter 359- Conned again
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 359- Conned again

Ah Tao was carried. He led two hunting captains and Miya to attend this operation.

It was obvious that they still didn’t trust Ye Zhongming.

“These are the crops that you plant?”

There was soil that was touched outside of the tunnel. Some plants that Ye Zhongming had never seen.

“Right, eating meat will cause illnesses, so we must eat these. But the soil is barren and cursed by the Witch of Sadness. The ground is poisoned.”

Witch of Sadness?

Ye Zhongming was more and more interested in the secret realm. This was a whole new world, of course… Ye Zhongming looked at the sky and felt like this was a new, broken world.

Ah Tao told him about many things. For example, the place he appeared in was Night Plains. It was where monsters roamed. It intersected with the Starlight Mountain region they lived in through Undead Hill.

A side of Starlight Mountain was where Dawn Saint Hall was. Those people had strong skills and were very racist. They saw the Posthumous people as low class and didn’t even treat them as humans.

Ye Zhongming naturally asked him about how to leave the Secret Realm. Of course, he did so roundaboutly, but Ah Tao didn’t say anything. Ye Zhongming’s question was too deep for someone who had never walked out of the mountain region.

But his words did help Ye Zhongming. At least he knew what the area around was like. He knew who was here and that the monsters were the kings here. Humans were struggling to survive and were on the verge of going extinct.

He also knew something, which was that earthquakes often occurred here. Its magnitude was different, but it was common. That sentence left a huge impression on him.

Ah Tao said that after every earthquake, he felt like the earth was being ripped apart, and crying. Like the cries of despairs from humans when they were about to die.

That sentence was vague, and the ground splitting when earthquakes were common, but Ye Zhongming’s heart sank.

He knew Ah Tao’s mental energy was strong and could compare to the level-six dragon. What Ye Zhongming cared a

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