Chapter 357- Rip off
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 357- Rip off

“I need you to agree on four things.” Ah Tao showed four fingers.

Ye Zhongming crossed his arms and waited for him to continue.

“First, you must return to Undead Hill and pick up some necessary bones.”

So that place was Undead Hill. Ye Zhongming nodded and agreed.

Most of their weapons were made of bones, so the bones of the undead were indeed what they needed.

Although bone weapons were weak and straightforward for humans on Earth, having no use apart from being decorations, the truth was that some undead bones were very firm. Some were no weaker than metal. The weapon quality was good and was even better than copper weapons. So Ye Zhongming wasn’t surprised by what he asked.

The Posthumous people sighed in relief when they saw Ye Zhongming agree so quickly. They were afraid that he would reject them.

Undead Hill was a prohibited area for them. Anyone who entered would be attacked. Facing endless bones, not to mention small tribes like this one, even some bigger tribes didn’t dare to head into the hill.

But the bones of the undead were better than some ordinary monsters. After all, their bones were the essence of their undead being. The weapon's durability would be huge. Hearing Miya mention that there were many bones on the hill, Ah Tao was tempted and made that request.

To them, this was a dangerous quest, and people might die.

“Secondly, for each bag of crystal you get from us, you must do one hunt with us.”

Ah Tao’s second condition sounded like he was using Ye Zhongming as a fighter. He didn’t mind much, but one bag for one help? Was he so cheap?

He shook his head and pointed at those crystals, “I can help, but all of you need to help me. Moreover, you have to listen to my commands. Secondly, I don’t need those grey ones, only white ones are to my standard. 500 white, 50 black, and five green. Those added together can get me to help you once. If you don’t have enough of a certain color, I can accept a higher-grade crystal to replace the lower-grade one. The ratio is 1 to 10. You have to agree. If

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