Chapter 116- Influencer's battle
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 116- Influencer's battle

Two mutated boars chewed loudly on the tender organs of humans. Although these things didn’t contain much energy, their texture was good.

A boar used its fangs to pierce the kidney while the other tried to snatch it. The two of them fought with one another for a while before eating their things.

Their master prohibited them from killing one another. Moreover, one was male, and one was female, so they were partners in the past.

Suddenly, the male boar heard something and turned its head. It looked towards the entrance of the small alley, and two seconds later, a thin person appeared there holding a weird whip.

The male boar immediately picked up a sweet scent from this human woman.

An evolved!

It scoffed. The greedy female’s egg-sized eyes glanced toward this female. It didn’t move. It was using its cumbersome hooves to break open the chest plate of the human. The most tender heart was below.

Seeing that the female boar would not move, the male boar scoffed and slowly turned around. It roared furiously at the human; the blood and flesh fragments in its mouth were spat far away along with its saliva.

Terror flashed in Liang Chuyin’s eyes.

This was normal.

This was similar to peacetime when a male would be afraid when another guy picked up a knife, much less in the apocalypse, where there were clear level distinctions. A level one evolved was now looking at a level two mutated life form. Moreover, it was two of them.

She sucked in a deep breath, and the fear on her face was replaced by determination.

A guy’s figure appeared in his mind, and she felt much more courageous.

The male boar was hot-tempered. It didn’t sense anything dangerous about the human in front of it, so it attacked immediately. It lowered its head and charged toward Liang Chuyin.

The level two boar was much bigger than a level one boar and looked similar to a camel. The 1.7-meter-tall Liang Chuyin’s C cup would shatter if this boar hit him.

She knew there was some gap between this level two mutated life form and her. She looked at the

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