Chapter 117- Job and skill advantage
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Apocalypse Gacha Chapter 117- Job and skill advantage

Liang Chuyin looked at the female boar’s fang, which got closer and closer to her. She was fully focused.

She flicked her wrist, and the mutated willow whip wrapped the anti-theft window on the side. She pulled, and her body changed directions. The fangs of the boar brushed past her body.

Liang Chuyin didn’t use much strength, so she just dodged its attack. Her body was still near its head. She pointed a weird-looking gun at this female boar’s head.

The gun fired.

Three bullets flew into the head of the female boar. Even if it were a level-two mutated lifeform at this distance, it wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

Its colossal body fell, and the ground around it shook. Blood and brains shot out from the hole and left a pool of blood on the floor.

Liang Chuyin landed beside the corpse of the female boar; her face was covered in sweat. She landed elegantly, but it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

Wind Dancer was such a job. No matter the time, each action was elegant. Killing intent was hidden within these eye-catching movements.

Ye Zhongming got a gun from the gachapon that belonged to the father and son. After enhancing it, he passed it to Liang Chuyin. Although the influencer didn’t have shooting basics, the close distance meant she couldn’t miss.

Under such conditions, Liang Chuyin completed an impossible mission. She solo-ed two level-two mutated boars.

“Mission complete, heading to the second location.” Liang Chuyin dug out the crystals and headed to the following location.


Little Tiger rode a motorcycle and stepped on the corpse of a mutated boar.

The rumbling sound got more apparent.

Everyone had their mission today, and so did Little Tiger. He used the height to observe the movement of Gu Pan. After Gu Pan left, he carried a level-one mutated boar that he killed and waited for her.

He waited for Gu Pan.

Although he didn’t have to attack like the others, he was in danger as he had to face Gu Pan and his boar army.

If it was someone else, they might not be terrifie

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