Chapter 0033: ​​In That Case, I’m Getting Rid of You!
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Apex War God Chapter 0033: ​​In That Case, I’m Getting Rid of You!

Yang Wu had returned.

Carrying Wan Jiuzhong across his back, he finally made it back to his stone hut in block 68. Wan Lanxin followed him all the way, of course. She would have stayed in the cellblock, too, if he had not convinced her to return to her own residence.

The woman knew his plight well; someone deliberately moved against him. If she truly wanted the best for him, she could only play her part as the prison’s young miss and allow him small privileges when she could. She would also step in to stop the guards’ abuse if she had the chance.

Wan Lanxin was no fool. Thus, she said her farewells, and when she left, she gave the block’s captain strict orders to leave the young man alone.

Fortunately, he was not an idiot, either, and would not dare disobey the first young miss’s orders.

She was curious about the skin-clad skeleton Yang Wu carried, but once she realized he did not want to explain, she did not press the issue. She trusted that Yang Wu knew what he was doing.

Once Wan Lanxin left, Yang Wu ran off to find Skinny Monkey and Barbie, eager to reunite with his companions. As he approached, he heard shouting and fighting. Rushing over, he found Skinny Monkey on the ground, beaten, and a stranger openly threatening Barbie. He was enraged.

He had been all alone when they first threw him into prison, but by a stroke of luck, he had met Skinny Monkey. The man quickly became a trusted, sworn brother. Then, after some difficulty, they managed to save the housemaid-in-disguise. These two had become his followers, and as a viscount, it infuriated him to see them treated this way.

Having not seen her master over the last few days, Barbie was pleasantly surprised to spot him. “You’re back, Young Master!”

To the young woman’s eyes, Yang Wu was even more handsome than before. Though his prison rags had been nearly shredded in the bloody pit and his body was covered in grime, his exceptional air radiated from him. The very sight of him made the young woman’s heart race.

The interruption pulled Li Futu’s attention towar

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