Chapter 0034: The Eagle Knights of the Xia Dynasty
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Apex War God Chapter 0034: The Eagle Knights of the Xia Dynasty

The Xia Dynasty’s Eagle Knights were a company of three hundred sixty-five mounted knights known for their speed. They were primarily responsible for scouting, defense, and aerial warfare. Each rider had reached the Warrior Realm at the very least, and the Eagle Knights’ first commander was among the top fifty experts in the empire, a King cultivator. He had also earned the title of marquis.

The Xia Dynasty’s court titles were organized as such: duke, marquis, count, viscount, baron, and finally, the lesser titles. Naturally, only a handful of powerful individuals could earn the grand title of marquis.

This attested to the value the Eagle Knights had to the Xia Dynasty.

Right now, eight stately Eagle Knights glided through the sky over the Smoke Signal Mountain Prison, each man and woman striking an imposing and heroic figure in their armor and helmets, atop their eagle mounts.

The man in the lead was middle-aged, and his eyes gleamed as he surveyed the prison below with obvious disapproval.

“This forsaken place is certainly suitable for felons!” he muttered.

The man was Meng Helang. Not only did he have command of this Eagle Knights squad, but he was also the third in command of the entire Eagle Knights. His status was third only to the first commander and the second commander, who were both Kings, while he only had half a foot in the King Realm.

The moment the squad received the distress signal requesting reinforcements, they had flown straight for the prison. Each was an elite member of the Eagle Knights and confident they could handle any problem the prison faced.

Wind roared as the eight eagles spread their wings!

As the eight riders swooped down, sending dust and debris flying, the enormous eagles’ wings’ flapping alerted the prisons’ captains. The deputy warden in charge, Lie Feng, was the first to arrive and greet the honorable visitors. “Welcome, Commander Meng!”

His effacing attitude toward Meng Helang and his cavalry was noticeably different from his manner with his direct supervisor, Wan Tianlong.

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony, Deputy Warden Lie. You sent an urgent call for reinforcement, so the emperor sent us to assist with destroying this bloody pit and fighting off the wolf spirits. Take me to the bloody pit now!” Meng Helang got straight to the point.

An awkward look flashed across Lie Feng’s face before he replied, “To address Commander Meng’s concern, actually…the bloody pit seems to have been destroyed.”

“What do you mean?” the other man demanded, frowning.

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