Chapter 0032 I Really Did Not Mean To
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Apex War God Chapter 0032 I Really Did Not Mean To

Skinny Monkey looked up at the sound of the voice, finding nine inmates he had never seen surrounding him.

“And you are…?” The sight did not particularly bother him. Rather, he welcomed the strangers with a smile.

“A twig like you rules over cellblock 68? Centipede must have been weaker than I thought!” Li Futu sneered contemptuously, eyeing the young man before him.

“Yeah! How strong can such a skinny guy be? I could crush him with one hand!” the prisoner next to Li Futu laughed.

Another prisoner chimed in. “We have each paid fifty kilograms of Scarlet Steel Rock to get here. Guess that was overkill. This will be a walk in the park.”

Every one of these strangers disregarded Skinny Monkey as a threat. They stood by, laughing at him and judging him based on his build.

It was then that Fei Leng, Bei Zi, and their crew of twenty-odd prisoners noticed and gathered around Skinny Monkey. They could see these newcomers were here to challenge their boss but wanted to be nearby in case a fight broke out.

Li Futu was no fool and noticed the gathering crowd. But instead of fear, his expression held only disdain.

“I doubt you gentlemen came here just to make comments. Am I right?” Skinny Monkey asked, squaring his shoulders.

As block 68’s boss and a cultivator with ten stones of strength, his air had changed a little.

“Heh, I heard that you killed Centipede?” Li Futu got to the point.

“So what if I did?” Skinny Monkey responded coldly.

“It doesn’t matter anymore if you did. Clearly, he was a piece of trash. I can only fault him for being so weak that he lost control over cellblock 68.” Li Futu did not dwell too deeply on this, sweeping the matter aside. After a pause, he continued, “Since you’ve taken this block as your own, you’ll obey Black Ape from now on. You will regularly supply Scarlet Steel Rock, and we’ll forget about everything. Disobey, and you’ll share Centipede’s fate.”

As Li Futu spoke, a murderous aura filled the air.

The Wuhou Gang members inched closer. Crowbars at the ready, they waited for Skinny Monkey’s or

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