Chapter 0031: Skinny Monkey and Barbie
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Apex War God Chapter 0031: Skinny Monkey and Barbie

Yang Wu’s expression froze when he heard Lie Ziying’s words; he did not even have time to console Wan Lanxin.

Wan Lanxin came to a complete stop and locked her gaze with Lie Ziying’s. ”Lie Ziying, what exactly are you trying to do?”

Sneering, the man snapped back, “I’m the one who should be asking the questions.” He paused for a moment before continuing, “Yang Wu, prisoner from cellblock 68, was stripped of his title as a viscount and sentenced to ten years in prison for offending the archduke. Am I mistaken?”

Wan Lanxin held her glare, but somewhat guiltily, she answered, “What of it?”

“‘What of it?’ He should be in block 68, but you decided to protect him, removing his chains and bringing him to block 8. This is no minor offense!” Lie Ziying cockily declared. He turned, addressing the guards around him. “What are you all still standing around for? Arrest that criminal immediately!”

Eighteen prison guards obediently stepped forward and approached Yang Wu.

“I’d like to see you try!” Wan Lanxin shouted. As her voice rang out, the guards froze in their tracks. None of them dared take a step farther.

“Lanxin, are you sure you want to continue down this erroneous path?” Lie Ziying demanded.

“Stop being a busybody! I will take care of this myself.” The young woman’s tone was domineering, and she hurried over to Yang Wu. “Come with me, Little Brother Wu.”

After a hesitant moment, Yang Wu replied, “Captain Wan, you should take me back to my cell. Although you ordered me to save Warden Wan, I am still a criminal, and my crimes outweigh my contributions. I do not wish to tarnish your reputation.”

Yang Wu’s thoughts flew through his head. He already realized that Lie Ziying wanted to use him as a threat, and he refused to let the man have his way.

He altered the way he addressed his big sister, informing everyone present that he had come here solely under Wan Lanxin’s orders to save her father, not because she wanted to protect him. With a single sentence, he had cleared her name and interfered with Lie Ziying’s plans.

Wan Lanxin wanted to say something, but she recognized the signals Yang Wu sent with his gaze. Ultimately, she could only give in, and she said gently, “Very well. I’ll have someone escort you back to cellblock 68. I am confident that everyone in this prison is grateful for your efforts to save my father’s life. Both contributions and offenses will be credited accordingly.”

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