Chapter 0030: Seeing the Sun Again
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Apex War God Chapter 0030: Seeing the Sun Again

Yang Wu had no choice. He had to face the skin-clad skeleton to leave this place, and the remaining node that kept the being contained was running out of energy.

Hearing Yang Wu's promised salvation, the skeleton was pleasantly surprised. “Really?”

“Yes. As long as you swear a strict oath not to cause me any more harm, I will set you free!” Yang Wu replied.

“Boy, who gave you the nerve to make demands?” the being snarled.

“Senior, you have been trapped here for many years. You might be resentful and craving revenge, but you are still trapped. The prison guards must have notified the imperial court by now, and they will send a King. The way I see it, you can either let that King kill you or remain a prisoner. Think about it. Would you prefer to cooperate and leave here together or wait for your impending doom?” Yang Wu was confident and his words, eloquent.

Weighing his options, the skin-clad skeleton admitted defeat. “Alright, I'll count on you, boy. Now, break the node and free me!”

“Only a strict oath will assure me, Senior!”

“Fine! As long as you help me break free, I will not harm you again. Should I break my word, may lightning strike me dead.”

“How cliché!”

“What more do you want from me?!”

“Let me think…. How about this? If you break the oath, eighteen generations of your descendants will be cursed to never reincarnate, your ‘little man’ will never rise again, you’ll get hemorrhoids, smallpox, and syphilis. That should be enough.”

The skeleton’s already unhappy expression twisted upon hearing Yang Wu’s oath.

What kind of rubbish was this?

But the being had no choice. As Yang Wu had said, the guards outside the pit must have called for reinforcements. And the imperial court were no fools. The longer he delayed, the harder leaving would become. His only option was to suck it up and swear the oath.

Once the skin-clad skeleton swore the strict oath, Yang Wu said, “I hope you’re a man of honor, not a crook who goes back on his word.”

Those words only agitated the skeleton further.

What a shame that he, a dignified King, had to suffer ridicule from a mere Warrior.

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