Chapter 0029: The Nascent Profound Essence
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Apex War God Chapter 0029: The Nascent Profound Essence

Zhang Xiong had saved Wan Tianlong and Wan Lanxin from the bloody pit, stunning all the guard captains and squad leaders.

Many had watched the bloody hand capture their warden with their own eyes, so they had assumed his death was assured. That bloody aura was too horrific for any but a King expert to resist, and since Wan Tianlong had not reached the King Realm, assuming he could not have survived was common sense.

Assuming his position as the mountain prison’s new warden was secure, Lie Feng had already begun to take control. Thus, Wan Tianlong’s survival was extremely upsetting.

However, Lie Feng lacked the resolve to kill the old warden in full view. He could not afford the consequences of such a belligerent crime.

When he had learned that Wan Lanxin’s so-called “younger god-brother” was responsible, he ordered an immediate investigation into the young man. It puzzled him how such an outstanding cultivator had appeared out of nowhere.

Suddenly, the bloody pit was rocked by massive explosions, and the ground beneath their feet began to sink. Frightened, the guards retreated. Those who did not get away in time fell, screaming, into the pit.

“The bloody pit is expanding again. It’s releasing so much bloody aura!”

“Everyone, retreat! Don’t fall into the pit!”

“My lord, what should we do? If this continues, the quakes will reduce cellblock 8 to rubble.”

“This evil is beyond us! We must call for reinforcements from the imperial court!”


Yang Wu was oblivious to everything happening on the surface. The ordeal of playing the skin-clad skeleton’s puppet had left him so devastated that his body felt as if it was a hair’s breadth from shattering into pieces.

He had broken forty-nine of the eighty-one nodes, and the collective bursts of energy had shattered nearly every bone in his arms. He was badly mutilated, his internal organs were displaced and bleeding profusely. Blood gushed from every orifice in his face. It was a terrible sight as he lay there, approaching his last breath.

Yang Wu could no longer hold the saber, but with enough of the nodes broken to free him, the skeleton stopped controlling the young man’s body.

The skin-clad skeleton’s aura was powerfully evil, pulling everything toward him. His bloody aura instantly obliterated the guards who had fallen into the pit, bolstering the skeletal creature with their vitality. Gaining some strength, he laughed wildly and shouted, “Today is the day this King regains his freedom!”

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