Chapter 0028: Breaking into the Warrior Realm
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Apex War God Chapter 0028: Breaking into the Warrior Realm

Now, Yang Wu had made the skin-clad skeleton angry.

He sensed the powerful pressure bear down on him again, bowing him over. He looked like he might snap in half.

“How dare you try to bargain with me?” hissed the creature, his sharp glare boring into the young man.

Yang Wu stood his ground. “In here, my survival depends on you. If I don’t demand a few conditions, you’ll kill me the moment I save you. If that’s the case, you might as well kill me now. See if anyone will help you destroy the ritual array then.”

He had caught the enemy by his Achilles’ heel. No one but a King could endure this endless bloody aura, yet if a King approached the altar, this skeleton would not stand a chance with his current strength. The situation was a paradox.

“I can’t believe that I, a King, am reduced to bargaining with an insignificant Foot Soldier. How repulsive!” the skin-clad skeleton grumbled, indignant. After a pause, he let out a baleful howl, “Damn you, Evil Boy King. How dare you imprisoned me here for two hundred years! I’ll kill you once I’m free!”

Of course, Yang Wu had no idea what the skeleton was talking about, but the pressure he faced was becoming too much to bear. Simultaneously, he circulated the Supreme Nine Profound Art and slid into the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance, attracting a massive amount of water from the earthly spirit spring through the soles of his feet. Suddenly, his twelve major meridians and minor meridian, as well as the thirty open acupoints, resonated.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

It sounded like whistling arrows flew through his meridians while cyclones spun at his acupoints. Soon, the sounds combined, creating something he had never heard. The vibration grew even more intense as if his body were undergoing an incredible transformation.

As the meridians and acupoints rang, Yang Wu’s body sucked in a large amount of the bloody aura. A stream of the unique energy from below the altar also began to merge with the Supreme Nine Profound Art, hastening its circulation. This heightened the peach-pit dantian’s ability to absorb the energy, and as a result, he absorbed a small portion of the concentrated bloody aura from the altar as well.

The scene astonished the skin-clad skeleton.

“This young man has a technique to consume the bloody aura? Don’t tell me he’s an inheritor from the Blood Fiend Sect?” The skin-clad skeleton’s knowledge was expansive, and he easily understood Yang Wu’s situation at a glance. It only emboldened his hopes of escape.

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