Chapter 0027: Charging to the Bloody Altar
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Apex War God Chapter 0027: Charging to the Bloody Altar

The bloody hand coalesced from the condensed bloody aura had already taken on physical form. This was no ordinary apparition. If it were, it would not have been able to crush Zhao Changdao’s saber with such little effort or capture Wan Tianlong.

The man had the evil-warding bead, but Wan Tianlong also wore King-class armor, albeit damaged. These were the only reasons he had not become another of the bloody specter’s casualties.

Yang Wu was focused on his growing strength and recovering injuries, which meant the bloody hand’s appearance could not have come at a better time.

“Run, Little Brother! The bloody hand has returned!” Without a second thought, Wan Lanxin screamed a warning.

Zhang Xiong’s grip tightened on his trident, fully prepared to drag Wan Lanxin out of danger at a moment’s notice.

However, Yang Wu did something odd. He stood on tiptoe, arching his back. He looked like some kind of steady sea turtle. He stretched out one hand, open and fingers stiff, while clenching his other into a fist. Through its numerous pores, the peach-pit dantian emitted forceful streams of energy, his body circulating the earthly spirit spring’s essence through his twelve major meridians. The flood of energy forced open more acupoints in his body, exploding from him.


With the impact, an unknown meridian burst open, enhancing the majesty and power of the surging energy. The power multiplied until it was ten times greater or more.

Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art...!

The young man had long ago imprinted this amazing, peculiar art on his mind. He had worked hard to master it. With the help of the Supreme Nine Profound Art, he had comprehended the Dargon Turtle Water Suppression Stance’s essence, despite only being a Foot Soldier. Now, after encountering the earthly spirit spring, his peach-pit dantian had expanded greatly, allowing him to absorb and circulate even more Profound Energy. Yang Wu’s strength had increased exponentially as a result. Thus, he could now execute this astounding attack.

His palm-fist art resembled a d

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