Chapter 0026: Drinking the Earthly Spirit Spring
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Apex War God Chapter 0026: Drinking the Earthly Spirit Spring

Outside the bloody pit, a large group of guard captains had assembled to discuss Wan Lanxin’s situation.

Some insisted they enter the pit to assist her immediately, while others were opposed. Zhang Xiong, captain of cellblock 1 and apple of Wan Tianlong’s eye, led the first group, while the opposition followed none other than Lie Ziying. With both sides adamantly fighting for their plans, they were engaged in a fierce dispute.

Zhang Xiong was a big, boorish man with stubble. One look was enough to see he had enormous physical power. He rode a bull spirit and wielded a trident. In full battle dress, he was surrounded by a capable, murderous air. “Out of the way!” he screamed at Lie Ziying. “I will hold you personally responsible if anything happens to the first young miss!”

Lie Ziying returned Zhang Xiong's glare, showing no sign of weakness. “Stop being reckless! I’m more concerned for her wellbeing than you, but that pit and its bloody aura have already claimed the warden’s and a deputy warden’s lives. No one will stop you from going in alone, but I cannot permit you to take a team with you.”

“And you insist that you have feelings for the young miss? You’re nothing but a coward! It’s no surprise that she thinks so little of you!” Zhang Xiong responded sarcastically. After a pause, he continued, “Not even Deputy Warden Lie Feng could stop me if he were here.”

Zhang Xiong led at least ten mounted men, all of whom were preparing to charge into the bloody pit. Lie Ziying and his men stood in formation, ready to fight the mounted group if necessary.

The larger captain was the fourth-strongest fighter in the prison, which had earned him his place as captain of block 1. He also had no hesitation in battle, which was evident as he thrust his trident toward Lie Ziying, the weapon emitting a brilliant light and enveloped in a sharp energy.

Although Lie Ziying was no weakling himself, he could not compete with Zhang Xiong’s strength. Frightened, he dodged the ferocious, incoming attack.

Lie Ziying’s comrades rushed to his side, but the force of Zhang Xiong’s thrust knocked the weapons from their hands. None could keep up with the robust warrior’s speed. If Zhang Xiong wanted a massacre, they would certainly fall.

Fortunately, that was not his goal this day. But as Zhang Xiong turned to lead his men into the pit, a figure flashed before him. It leapt into the air, swinging its sword at the captain in an anger-driven attack.

Reacting quickly, Zhang Xiong raised his trident to parry the blow.


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