Chapter 52 - You're In The Splash Zone
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He calmly took out a handkerchief to clean his hand after he dropped the body to the ground, his eyes never leaving the elder as he did so.

“Sorry, I was busy. Hello there, my name is Long Di. How may I help you today?”


“Little beast, do you know what you’ve done!?”

“What? Do you mean introducing myself? Should I not have done so? I’ll have you know that I was raised right. I mean, I was raised by a conman with neither his knowledge nor consent, but it was still ‘right.’"

“What the heck are you on about!? You kill a disciple of the Iron Body Forge Sect! Do you know the ramifications of your actions!?”

“Do you know the ramifications of that grammatical error you just made? The correct tense is ‘killed,’ not ‘kill,’ good sir. I don’t want to be that guy, but you’re just stepping on all my pet peeves today. Like disciple, like master, I guess.”

“You—!” The elder held up a quivering finger as he pointed at Long Di, too angry to formulate a response.

“Long Di, please tell me,” seeing that the elder was verbally incapacitated at the moment, Shen Dai, the leader and elder who brought the disciples from the Soaring Cloud Immortal Sect, took the chance to ask Long Di a question.

“The disciples I brought over, are they safe? Did you keep them safe like you said you would?”

Worry dotted his features when he saw the extent of the destruction within the relic. When he asked Long Di to keep them safe before, he didn’t expect for the request to be acted upon since it should be safe. He only wanted for his disciples to become friends with Long Di as he truly valued him.

However, seeing what happened, he truly did hope that Long Di did keep them safe.

“Your disciples? Oh yeah, I was able to save five and three-quarters of them.”

Elder Shen Dai smiled, then frowned when he heard the last part of Long Di’s reply, “W-What do you mean by five and three—”

“Master! Don’t listen to him, he lied! Look at the state of senior apprentice-brother, Liu Xin!”

For a moment, when Shen Dai heard his disciples’ cry, he was happy. That was until

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