Chapter 51 - How May I Help You Today?
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My expression didn’t change. I simply placed my hands behind my back and asked the next logical question, “Now who wants daddy’s belt?”


This question triggered everyone, evident by the intensified scowl on their faces.

“Give us all the treasures you found in the inheritance! A country bumpkin like you doesn’t deserve it!”

Quon Bao revealed his actual nature and true intentions at this moment as he stared at Long Di with resentment.

He heard what the disciples from the Soaring Cloud Immortal Sect said, hence his label on Long Di earlier, but his true resentment stemmed from the fact that Long Di was able to match someone that he knew he couldn’t defeat.

This wasn’t good news for him, as this meant that a truly unrivalled was rising up in the human race, one that wasn’t him.

First, there were the Seven Heroes, then the Five Nobles, then there was this Long Di!?

“You all surrounded me and tread nigh upon my personal space just so you can tell me to give you the inheritance?” Long Di’s brow rose as he asked this question.

“Yes?” Quon Bao was a bit taken aback by the sudden question.

Something about this situation was wrong. Long Di was way too composed in this situation. It made little sense. Sure, he could beat Jiandan Tai, but it seemed like a really close victory.

‘Surely he doesn’t think he can beat me, Jiandan Tai and all these experts by himself, right?’ As Quon Bao thought about this, a very harrowing possibility suddenly came to him.

‘Hold on, earlier when he was fighting Jiandan Tai, he was matching him blow for blow in a way with only his physical body! Putting aside the possibility that he is able to match a demon race cultivator from the Iron Body Forge Sect at a younger age, why didn’t I feel the slightest bit of somatic essence from him when I could feel it from Jiandan Tai!? Unless!’

His face paled as he stared at Long Di, “No!”


But it was too late. A cry from the distance cut off his own as one unlucky cultivator who wanted to put an end to everything came too close to Yaomu Shou and the othe

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