Chapter 50 - Now Who Wants Daddy's Belt?
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Long Di took out a handkerchief, wiping his hand with it as if to clean his hand of the filth it collected by performing such an act. His expression was the same as ever, apathetically defined.

He himself started walking towards the spot where Jiandan Tai landed before he said, while still wiping his hands, “Now stand up back for lesson two.”

Personally, I don’t think I’m asking for too much. Do you?

I say, please, thank you, excuse me, and you’re welcome.

My uncle never taught me manners. I mean, have you met the man? `If you haven’t, then my condolences for your current sufferation, because such a feat would suck dry the luck of three generations.

Then again, experiencing poverty, sickness and everything wrong with the world as opposed to meeting him. It could only be counted as a worthy trade-off. So maybe, I should say congratulations?

Anyway, the point is that once when Pebbles and I were walking down the street discussing the weather and bridges; I saw a conman tricking another man of all his money. However, the conman had a lot of manners.

This was all based on the expression of the conee who had a big smile on his face despite being robbed blind by the conner. I’m pretty sure those weren’t even the right words, but darn it all if it don’t sound right.

Therefore, I took the initiative to follow this con man around to learn from him, not his trade, but his mannerisms. Now, while I couldn’t smile, I had the words and body language under control.

So with that being, I am someone with my manners in check, but it seems as if the people in this cultivation world don’t give two shiznit about manners. With that being the case, I’ll suspend my gentlemanly demeanour for a while towards this man-child who likes to lick his lips for some reason.

I stared at the pile of rubble as I walked towards it. I believe this is one of those moments where the cannon fodder villain gets, as the young kids say nowadays, ‘rekt’.


The debris of the crash that gathered into a pile burst apart with a powerful blast!

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