Chapter 46 - This World Will Destroy Her
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There in front of the barrier was an incorrectly exploded explosion that ended up not into a dying-out firework, but rather into an old man. I heard the two were only slightly different from explosions, so nothing that can’t be fixed, but it was still wrong.


“An Abyss ghost? What a rarity, just like my own. What a misfortune,” the floating figure said with a slight shock, followed by a moment of silence.

Shen Ling stared back at him with a peculiar look on her face. Under normal circumstances, she would have shrunken away in fear, but there was a type of warmth evident in the figure’s eyes that made her feel… at ease.

“Old man, could I please have the piece of cloth that’s on the pillar there behind you?”

“Old man?” The floating figure turned his attention to Long Di, when not long after, an expression of even greater shock showed on his face.

“Incredible! How are…!? No wonder you are able to come here! What are you truly!?” The figure’s body trembled as he stared at Long Di.

He didn’t notice Long Di in the beginning. After all, there was a secret between this man and the Abyss Ghost race that caused him to reminisce, however, when he noticed Long Di and scrutinised the young man. The few things he could see terrified him.

“Old man?” Long Di called again.

“Tch! Do I look that old to you?”

“I’m eleven years old. You could be 25 years old and I would still be well within my right to call you old. But let’s tip that Jenga tower shall we, are you even 25?” Long Di asked, his expression still as impassive as ever.

“How foolish! We are cultivators. Even if someone hits one hundred years old, they would still be considered young. What more 25 years old or even worse at eleven such as yourself?”

“Oh, I apologise for my audaciousness.” Long Di feigned regret by covering his mouth with his hand as if to hold his tongue, though it failed because of his unchanging expression.

He then asked, “and may I ask how old you are?”

The figure’s expression darkened when he heard this question.

Long Di wasn’t stupid,

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