Chapter 249.1 - Tyrant Dragon Mountain
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The Dragons’ Domicile was and is a harsh and unforgiving land. Here, rarely-seen dragons could be seen flying through the skies.

Some dug through the ground while others paraded the skies. Rivers that cut through the land boasted a variety of species that could bring to ruin many kingdoms if they so wished.

Countless explosions went off as several dragonkin fought against each other. Berserk energy tore through the land with alarming frequency.

Teeth ripped through flesh while blood sprayed all over. Claws ripped asunder limbs and space alike!

An area of a few thousand kilometres was given to these few dragons who wished to settle their disputes.

The current spectators viewed this with an expression of calm, as if this was to be expected. Dragons were subservient to no one and were innately overbearing and tyrannical.

Disagreements were rarely settled peacefully as war, battle, and strife permeated their ways and dictated their lifestyle.

This may seem barbaric to others, but to Dragons, this was a matter of fact.

Ordinary beasts had no place here and would be crushed underfoot by the wills of the dragons alone.

Within this realm was a mountain that speared the clouds overhead, as if it wished to pierce the very Heavens.

It was bare, bereft of much vegetation. Only special spiritual herbs had the power to grow in such a harsh and imperious climate.

This was Tyrant Dragon Mountain, the place of residence of the truly powerful.

Currently atop the mountain sat a towering beast of a man. His bearing was impressive and his body, decked with muscles as it was, was like the sculpture of the gods.

Countless runes covered his body, appearing like scales.

His jaw was broad and firm, which set upon him an austere air. Electric eyes swirling with profundity stared into the distance. His nose was straight and stationed, setting off his features even more.

An ocean of scarlet hair waved in the wind like a heavenly flame, wishing to incinerate the void.

In addition, two imposing horns protruded from his forehead until they curved

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