Chapter 249 - Into The Whirlpool We Go
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Quasi-divine tribulation lightning erupted from my body!


The air exploded under the release of the tempestuous energy, and both Lu Pei and Yaomu Baiyin stared at me with gaping mouths.


Yaomu Shou wore a satisfied smile when she saw their expressions. She must feel pretty proud of me and I must admit, it felt good knowing it was all me.


I summoned the use of a new type of energy to do something that I really wanted to try out.

My mental energy surged forward, and it invaded and wrapped around both the lightning and the amalgamation of spirit stones.

My tribulation lightning furiously lashed out all over and I could feel a slight tingling pain in response but I urged my mental energy onward all the same.

Boom! Boom!

The lightning ferociously coruscated as if it refused to submit but my mental energy slowly managed to get it under control.

This was something new for me as I had never used my mental energy to control my tribulation lightning before, but it was coming along quite nicely all things considered.

Before long, a sphere of tribulation lightning covered the amalgamation. I carefully adjusted the intensity of the tribulation lightning covering it. There were layers of mental tribulation lightning forced into an alternating rhythm.

It took a while, but after I was done, I stood back and surveyed my work. It was a sphere of lightning that floated ominously in the air. Powerful lightning energy comprised it, engendering a great sense of danger in everyone present.

The sphere of lightning wasn’t so thick that you couldn’t see through it, but at the same time, it wasn’t so thin that you could see exactly what was inside either.

It painted the contents within in an air of mystery. What was obvious, however, was that whatever was inside teemed with spiritual energy.

If you’re wondering how I came to make something like this, the formation scrolls I got from Yang Fuyou are to thank for this.

Yaomu Shou and the others came up to take a look at my creation.

Yaomu Shou cocked her to the side in

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