Chapter 248 - Long Di Doing The Most
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The cave twisted into a bend, and when we turned the corner, a stunning sight came into view.

“Well, slap my ass and call me Sally.”


Everyone turned to look at me when I said that and it got even more disturbing when all of them and I mean all of them sneaked a peek at my ass right after. It was then that I came to know the dangers of people not knowing about sarcasm and/or metaphors.

However, I had good reason for my reaction this time. So the tunnel opened up into a cavern a hundred metres high and well over a thousand metres wide.

Several underground rivers ran from caves similar to the one we emerged from before they intersected at the centre.

They combined to form a vast lake where a huge whirlpool swirled with a terrifying force.

The power of the whirlpool was so strong that space seemed to warp around it, creating a bizarre sight.

There was no doubt that anything that got caught up in the force of this whirlpool would be torn apart.

There, my reaction seems pretty apt now, doesn’t it?

Plumes of spiritual energy surged from the centre of the whirlpool, collecting at the top of the cavern where countless medium-grade spiritual stones melded into a giant mass of the stuff.


Both Lu Pei and Yaomu Baiyin swallowed their saliva when they saw it. And may I say… yuck.

It was audible, so of course it sounded nasty.

“Where is it!?” Yaomu Shou didn’t even spare the mass of medium-grade stones above a second glance.

“What are you looking for?” Lu Pei couldn’t help asking.

Her head animatedly swivelled around before, in an offhand fashion, she answered, “The spiritual vein root.”

“What’s a spiritual vein root?” I was feeling pretty confused for the most part here myself, so I turned to Yaomu Shou for answers.

Thankfully, she chose to not be an ass about it and got to answering.

“A spiritual vein root is responsible for creating a spiritual ore deposit!” she said hurriedly, as she looked all over in a frenzy.

“So is it just me or did that not answer anything? No one? Just me? Ok—”

“What’s a spiritual ore depos

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