Chapter 247 - Medium-Grade Spirit Stones
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He then addressed the collective group, saying, “We’ll trouble you to show us exactly where you last saw them.”

A long time after they left, a quiet rumbling took place.


We made our way down the path, and a glint in the darkness caught our eye.

Yaomu Baiyin wordlessly made her way over to it. Seeing as how it was stuck in the wall of the tunnel, she spent a little time before she fully dug it out, causing it to drop to the ground with a clink.


Whoa nelly!

A blinding light erupted, nearly blinding everyone. The cave was so dark before that it took everyone a moment to acclimate to the sudden brightness. Personally, the visual whiplash was astounding.

Yaomu Baiyin took out a small cloth to mask some of the brightness and picked it up in confusion before her hand started trembling in shock. And that there kids, is what epilepsy looks like. I wonder if demons froth at the mouth too.

Yaomu Shou noticed Yaomu Baiyin’s strange behaviour and called out to her, “Are you alright?”

It was good to know that Yaomu Shou still cared for this ‘younger sister’ of hers. Still, why was the latter acting like she had Tourette's?

Wait, did she really have epilepsy?

“L-L-Lady Yaomu Shou, t-t-this is a medium-grade spirit stone!”

Yaomu Shou nearly tripped over herself upon hearing this. “What!? Let me see!”

She quickly took it from the trembling Yaomu Baiyin’s hands and held it for everyone to see.


As the cloth fell from it, its radiance shone unbound once more, and my tingling shoulder made me wonder if this was triggering some epileptic seizure. It took a while, but our eyes fully acclimated to it and we could all see it clearly.

“Oh, wow!” was the general consensus in the room.

Okay people, now I remembered when I first took out spirit stones and may I say, like a noob, I likened them to gems that rivalled the stars.

Stars? Stars!? Compared to medium-grade spirit stones, regular spirit stones were like a half-dead filament light bulb that a cockroach was crawling around in.

The medium-grade spiri

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