Chapter 246 - Second Time In A Tunnel
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It was only a whisper, but in a cave system like this, even whispers carried far.

“Who’s there!?”


Yaomu Shou emerged from the fog, looking around in wariness. I personally wished that Mina expressed this amount of interest in her surroundings, but now we lost her and we can’t even say we don’t know why.

“Yaomu Baiyin you’re too loud!” said Yaomu Shou, sticking a pinky in her ear to drive her point home.

“S-Sorry Lady Yaomu Shou!”

“But didn’t you hear that!?” Yaomu Baiyin asked, still wary of her surroundings. The mere fact that she had to ask this made me painfully aware that this girl was suffering from what was known as a skill issue.

“Yes,” Yaomu Shou answered coldly.

Yaomu Shou was still peeved with Yaomu Baiyin because of the whole racist thing. I didn’t care much about it and it seemed that she didn’t entirely hate her since she allowed her to tag along as our Mina replacement. I mean, she’s pretty mid, so that’s about as Mina as anyone can get, so I’m not complaining.

It was obvious that she had some level of animosity towards me. You can see where the Mina resemblance really starts to shine through. I didn’t even know if this was because I was dubbed a criminal by the king of their race, or my closeness to Yaomu Shou.

“I already sensed the person you’re talking about for a while now. Long Di sensed it even earlier,” said Yaomu Shou, who was not suffering from skill issues.

“We wanted to surprise that person by making them think we were unaware to see what their intentions are, but that’s not gonna work now.”


Oh, I know I didn’t say this before but I had my sabre out but I put it away because of reasons you will soon know.

“So it’s you… what was the name again? R-Right, Lu Pei is that you?” I asked, shocking both Yaomu Shou and Yaomu Baiyin.

I guess they didn’t think they would meet someone I knew. But even that’s a stretch, really. It’s not like I knew the guy, but more like I remembered the names of those who took the test of destiny with me back then. Apart from his face and name, I knew about

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