Chapter 234 - Yuanshi Yi's Choice
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Frog-like eyes scanned the surroundings with wariness and uneasiness.

“Mofang Dao!” Yaomu Shou spat the words out with hatred.


That’s right, this was the Mofang Dao that was fighting with the human cultivators from before.

Her dark brown hair was still in disarray, and wounds of varying sizes covered her body.

Even now, there was a ferality to her that couldn’t be hidden.

“Allow me to warn you now. If you harm a single hair on his head, I will cut you down where you stand!” Yaomu Shou’s sword was in her hand and at a moment’s notice, she would explode with her full strength.

The Mofang Dao didn’t say a word and just stared at Yaomu Shou. The blade she held etched closer to Long Di’s neck. Its sharpness wasn’t in question as beads of blood pooled where the blade stroked.


Yaomu Shou’s cauldrons exploded into existence as her somatic essence roared within her body!

The purple sword rang out with a furious clangour before she swung it down!



A bright sword light raced towards the Mofang Dao!

The latter was shocked that Yaomu Shou truly dared to attack even though she had her friend as a hostage!

Were they not friends? Were they having a lover’s spat!?

Did she need to become their counsellor to help them reconcile their relationship so that the hostage play would work!?

She wasn’t qualified for this shit! She hadn’t gotten her master’s degree in psychology yet.

While all these thoughts were running through her head, the sword light had already arrived before her and Long Di!


Without any choice, she withdrew the blade from his neck and hastily dodged to the side.


It was too late, however, as due to the hasty dodge the outer edge of the sword light swept by and struck the Mofang Dao’s foot.



The sword light continued onwards before it swallowed Long Di with a thunderous blast!

The Mofang Dao stared down at her leg with a pain-filled grimace.

A section of her leg suffered a terrifying injury as the area below the ankle was nearly torn through.

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