Chapter 233 - The Mechanics Of Jumping
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Chen Jie nodded. “Now we can go and tell Er Jinshu.”

As soon as Savage Taitan heard this name, his expression changed. There were few existences that could cause Savage Taitan to be wary of them and Er Jinshu, the number one expert of the Iron Body Forge Sect was one of them.



“I’ll have you know that I have a mother and a father who are married.”

“Why does this always happen with you!?”

“Bastardisation? I have no idea because I’m feeling pretty legitimate.”

“I’m being serious!”

“Would you like some milk?”


“I’ll have you know that his mother and father aren’t bad people! He’s just a plague! A plague I tell you!”

“Girl, I believe you! This can’t be the result of bad parenting! I refuse to believe there’s anyone who can f***k up this bad at parenting!”


“Screw you!”

“Thank you.”

“Will you just die already!?”

“Been there, done that.”

Three figures were running across a flat plain like their lives depended on it. Their legs would hold them in malice for this for the rest of their lives, but they didn’t care. The only thing they could do was do a little bit of running, dabbled with dashing and sprinkled with a touch of sprinting.

Long story short… they were running like madmen and it was not pretty. One was a stunning violet-skinned beauty with a noble tail wrapped around her waist. Her black hair, which exuded a navy blue shine flapped in the wind.

Her normally elegant nose and dainty mouth furiously flared like the flaps of that one friend that won’t shut up as puffs and huffs worked them to death.

The other person was a petite-stature, young woman with grey curls atop her head that bounced furiously as she made her way across the plains as well. Sweat covered her body as she booked it without care for her appearance. Her mouth was wide open as she huffed and puffed with grunts like a dwarven gorilla.

The last person wasn’t showing much in the way of apprehension, or anything else for that matter. Sure, the laboured breathing was there, but it was subdued through t

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