Chapter 232 - Sable Armoured Mountain Centipede
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 232 - Sable Armoured Mountain Centipede

The shell-like segment was ripped from where it was seated and a geyser of greyish-green blood exploded from the tear!


The centipede roared from the pain before erupting into a frenzy because of the wound.


The spikes that held it in place were now being shattered one by one as it writhed and squirmed about. If someone asked you how nasty this was and looked, the correct answer would be yes.


Shi Zhu, the Nitu demon who was responsible for the erection of the spikes earlier, gritted his teeth as he pumped even more energy to keep the massive centipede relatively still.

However, the demon that caused all this appeared prepared in advance as he took out something from his spatial ring. Looking closely, it was a strange blade.

The blade section was split down the middle, with a tiny hole at the point of both tips. Curiously, dark, mysterious symbols decked the length of it.

In addition, at the end of the handle was a glowing red orb that swirled with energy.

Without hesitation, the demon then plunged the blade into the exposed flesh of the centipede.


The orb’s glow intensified and the swirling red energy within was draining at a visible pace. Soon enough, the dark symbols lit up one by one as the energy passed through to the holes at the end of the blades’ tips.


Lava-like cracks appeared around the area around the blade wound and spread at an alarming rate.


The thrashing of the centipede increased for a short moment when this was done. Its spasm was so fierce that it seemed like its body would fold in on itself and snap in half, but its flexibility saved it from this fate.

However, this didn’t spare it from the intense pain it suffered. Before long, the thrashing somewhat calmed down.

Eventually, it slowed down to a crawl until finally; it stopped moving, and just like that, all life drained from the body of this terrible magical beast.

When the demon saw that there was no further reaction from the centipede, his expression fell.

“Nothing here,” he whispered und

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