Chapter 231 - Gathering Of Young Masters
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“Remember, Cang Bian City, Golden Lion Gate,” she stated after taking one final look back at Long Di.

“You might need to prepare for my arrival,” Long Di responded while offering her a goodbye wave.


It wasn’t long before this disciple from the Ice Phoenix Hall disappeared from view.

“Good riddance!” Yaomu Shou spat.

Long Di’s eyes slowly slid into a side view of her before he commented, “You don’t like humans, do you?”

Yaomu Shou scoffed despite herself. “Can you even blame me!? You saw how one of them acted, right?”

“I agree with you sister,” Mina nodded. “They’re the worst!”

Long Di didn’t know how to react to this. Was he not human?

Then again, since he came to the world, he’s been called a LOT of things. Thinking back on it now, human hasn’t been that far up there in the rankings. How the heck did that come to pass?

As far as he was confirmed, he hasn’t been anything but humane compared to everything and everyone else. Between the Pandas, the arm fetishes, the borderline religious masochism and the racism, he was a treat.

“Hm…” he thought about this for a bit as he looked up to the sky in a daze. It was then that he realised that the time was moving along far faster than expected.

The darkness that draped the sky was beginning to recede bit by bit, letting the small group know that day was rapidly approaching.


A breathy grunt stole their attention. They looked over to see the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit hopping back in their direction with a look of anger on its face.

There was neither hide nor hair of the monk. The latter identifying factor may not be accurate, but much like Long Di’s lack of mercy for the chronically moronic, it is here to stay.

When it arrived a few feet from everyone else, it scanned the scene for the vertical spit roast. However, its desired wish was nowhere to be found.

Burgundy-coloured veins stretched across its red eyes while rage madly deformed its fluffy face.


A furious squeak echoed out in the early morning as the Overly Bombastic Brawl

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