Chapter 207 - Trouble Before A Unique Realm?
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 207 - Trouble Before A Unique Realm?

Long Di politely stepped forward, “Hello, my name is Long Di and I am Yaomu Shou’s bodyguard.”

Like hell you are!


Wan Li looked to Yaomu Shou, flabbergasted, “Young miss!”

Yaomu Shou feigned shock with a hand to her chest, “I say, second uncle, are you truly intending to neglect your duties?”

“You…! I…!” Wan Li was speechless, and this was further exacerbated by Long Di’s inclusion.

The latter shook his head with a tsk. “I have to admit, having such a coworker is disheartening.”

Your face is disheartening!

“Ban Yan!?” Wan Li called out to the void, only to receive no response. Ban Yan wasn’t going to get involved in these muddy waters.

Wan Li was going to get punished if he continued to indulge the young miss and her unreasonable requests.

The thing is… if her requests held water, then he would still be punished. Why did he have to suffer!?

Couldn’t this freaky little thing fix his own problems!?

‘Hold on!’ A thought suddenly came to Wan Li.

He then stared at Long Di for a moment as he worked to formulate his next words.

“Y-You’re able to cultivate somatic essence, aren’t you?”

When Wan Li asked this, everyone went silent. This was still an extremely difficult concept for them to come to terms with.

“Yes.” Long Di confirmed it.


The minute he said this, many butt-holes were clenched tight. This was the appropriate response.

Long Di being able to dual cultivate two of the most counter-opposing energies under the heavens just didn’t make sense, no matter how they spun it. Yet, this impossibility was made possible through him.

Wan Li was still shaken up by this confirmation. “I-Is your cultivation of s-somatic essence the same level as your cultivation of spiritual qi?”

Long Di felt a hand crawling up his chest toward his mouth before he wordlessly slapped it away.

He didn’t need to look to know it was Yaomu Shou. He needed to get her a hobby. Her hand-to-mouth fetishes were getting out of hand. Maybe stamp collecting? Or extreme ironing.

That last one’s a real sport by the way.

“My c

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