Chapter 206 - The Struggles Of An Overachiever
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 206 - The Struggles Of An Overachiever

Yaomu Shou shot to her feet, “It’s open!”

Jia Yan and I, who had been cultivating this entire month with the help of the Crimson Horizon Flame, opened our eyes to see a stunning sight.


In the sky above was an arch. The arch was colossal, and it was made up of giant blocks of crystallised spiritual qi.

Each block was hundreds of li wide and thousands of li long. Each one housed a strange rune constantly flashing with a saintly radiance.

Spiritual energy could be seen gushing from the gateway like a roaring river.

Long Di could feel the spiritual energy in the atmosphere enriching itself in an instant and immediately wondered what it would be like to cultivate in such an environment.

“Incredible…” Long Di said subconsciously.

Yaomu Shou nodded, “It looks like something incredible has been birthed inside the Spiritual Bingqi Realm this time.”


Wan Li appeared in a flash beside Yaomu Shou with a slight bow.

“Young miss.”

Yaomu Shou nodded before turning her attention to everyone else. “Let’s go, guys!”


A gentle wind enveloped everyone, and Long Di nearly lost his bearings when his feet left the ground.

His arms flailed around wildly as his body spun and rotated in the air, causing everyone to erupt with laughter before moving them to tears.

It took him half a day before he was able to stabilise himself. He then looked to Yaomu Shou, asking. “What realm allows flight?”

This was the first time he experienced body-based aviation, and it immediately reminded him of a skill that all high-level cultivators possessed. Flying.

“Hahaha…” Yaomu Shou struggled to stifle her laugh as she wiped a tear from her eye, wanting to answer. “Uhm…”

“Flight becomes possible at the Cauldron Core Flame Fusion realm and above.”

It was Wan Li who answered his question, surprisingly.

Long Di looked forward to this. “I’m not too far away from being able to fly, then. Can’t wait,” Long Di clenched his fist in anticipation.

Everyone just assumed he was in anticipation, since his face didn’t give anything away.

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