Chapter 205 - It's Open
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“Oh wow,” was the first thing he said when he got a good look at what he took from that place.


Not gonna lie, I actually appropriated a large plat from that place. There was this dark mist that hung over it, which made me feel a tad uneasy.

It was like a part of the Netherworld came to the land of the living. It felt both naturally and unnaturally sinister at the same time.

Some of the mist drifted down to the ground where a patch of grass grew.


Once the mist touched the grass, the originally lush and green turf dried up into a brownish-yellow necrotic shadow of its former self.

So not something I can touch it seems. Whatever this mist or the flower is for that matter, powerful death energy suffuses both of them.

Something tells me that simply getting this is gonna cause me to walk into something pretty troublesome sooner rather than later.

I tried sending the entire thing into one of my empty storage rings when a bizarre scene took place.


Yeah, the storage ring shattered when a tiny part of it went inside, so that’s a thing.

How can I save this stuff?

Do I have to put it inside me?

After looking at the plat and my body, I came to a conclusion.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Yeah, I’m gonna put it inside me.


I activated my Lowdown Billiard Seven Keys Physique and took a deep breath.


My spiritual force erupted and under its control, I willed the plot of earth and the strange herb into my physique.

For the sake of how good it would look, I decided to place it near the space where my Earth Flame resided. So it was a fair distance below the Crimson Horizon Earth Flame.

Together, this created a scene where a land of death was being shone down upon by a scarlet sun of destruction. The radiance of the Crimson Horizon Flame, along with the dark mist, cast the land in an eerie, sanguine glow.

It was like a land laid to ruin by some unholy calamity. Man, I wouldn’t want to live there.

Then again, I need to see if that’s even possible. Meh, I’ll look into that later.

I deactivated my phys

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