Chapter 202 - Terrible Customer Service
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Before long, the flames surrounding the rune sputtered and before Long Di’s gaze; the flame went out and the entire chamber descended into silence.

Seeing this, Long Di began to sweat as he asked out loud.

“D-Did I break it?”


“Subdue it you charm-of-a-cockroach fool!” Wan Li couldn’t help but emerge from the void to shout at Long Di.

He wasn’t a fan of humans, but if he didn’t say something to this boy, he felt like he would bash his head into a wall of tofu to kill himself!

“You do care,” Long Di turned his head to look at the younger of the two protectors.

Wan Li didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This fool had an Earth Flame ripe for the picking and he was hesitating!

“Take it in before the flames return you cur! If you wait too long, they’ll return with a nuke-level force and you’ll die without a corpse! Here!” He held in his hand what appeared to be a piece of space stone. Though it was smaller than what Yaomu Shou had, it was still enough for the task.

“How do you know what a nuke is?” he asked.

“Oh, we listen to your conversations and the meaning can be inferred from that,” replied Wan Li.

“I think the word you’re looking for is deduced,” Long Di corrected.

Wan Li appeared enlightened. “Ah, you’re right. Thank you for that. You know, you’re not nearly as infuriating as I thou… wait a minute… what am I doing!?”

“Having a civilised conversation?” answered Long Di.

“No, I’m not! I’m warning you of the Earth Fla—” Wan Li was roaring at Long Di when it came to an abrupt stop.

This was because he saw Long Di with his arm outstretched carefully dragging the rune of the Earth Flame into his Physique.

Curiously enough, the lightning that ran rampant within the physique was nowhere to be found.

Wan Li wasn’t sure when this happened since he was arguing with the equivalent of a verbal immovable object while he was a VERY stoppable force.

However, he didn’t pay any attention to this. For now, he simply observed the process of Long Di’s integration with the rune.

Once it reached his hand, it passed through the pal

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Okay, so I have a phone once more and I am on discord once more so chapters shall be published once more. The speed will be dropped since I am now working and I hate it and the hours it eats up is abysmal but you gotta do what ya gotta do. In any case, I am back and now updates of some kind will now come out.

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