Chapter 203 - What The Hell Is That!?
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“Screw you! Give me back my blessings! It's really important!”




“You’ll give me back my blessings!? You’re not messing with me!?”

“Young miss. You need to get away from him!”

“Wait why!?”

“Sure, why not?”

A mess of questions was being asked to the point where it was hard to determine who was talking.


An ear-piercing whistle cut through the noise, causing a pall of silence to descend upon the noisy group.

“Thank you Xiannu Liang,” Long Di calmly thanked the Nymph, who whistled on his behalf.

Go figure. He didn’t know how to whistle, so he just asked one of the few people who weren’t contributing to the noise to do so.

“Okay, so since we’re creating the world’s worst orchestra, I’ll bear the burden of being the composer.” Long Di sighed with a worrisome air, compelling all those who were making noise earlier to want to kick his ass.

“Now,” he pointed to First Ban Yan. “I think we can put what you want to say on the back burner for now. So you go first.”

Ban Yan snorted in contempt but composed himself before turning to Yaomu Shou. “Young miss, you need to separate yourself from this person!”

Yaomu Shou wasn’t interested in this. There was a more pressing issue on her mind, “Why’d you bring Mina over!?”

“The young lady!? She asked me, and then I…” suddenly, cold sweat washed his back when Ban Yan realised that he unwittingly followed Mina’s orders to bring her to meet Long Di.

Even worse, is that he disobeyed Demon King Yaomu Wei to do it. It was such an odd thing, for in the moment he sought to follow the orders of his King, Mina’s words bewildered him into obedience.

He sneaked a glance at her and even though she was pale at the moment, probably a consequence of the overdraft of whatever weird ability she used, it was enough to cause a peak expert like him to follow it through to the end.

He narrowed his eyes before asking. “What are you?”

“Nothing you need to worry about for now?” Mina replied. Her grace was not something to be used in the mortal realm.

It could

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