Chapter 2.2: You Aren’t Your Younger Sister (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 2.2: You Aren’t Your Younger Sister (2)

After receiving the questionnaire that Song Shiyu completed in a huff, and confirming the 300,000 dollars he had sent over, Ji Fanyin hummed a melodious tune as she made her way back into the elevator.

When she turned her head around after entering the elevator, she noticed that Song Shiyu was still staring at her from around ten meters away, not moving a single step at all. The cigarette which he had only taken a puff from was burning with a crimson light.

In a good mood from having secured her first job, Ji Fanyin pressed her floor button before waving Song Shiyu goodnight.

The doors of the elevator closed up, sealing off Song Shiyu’s face together with it.

Ji Fanyin wasn’t fazed by his nasty attitude earlier. As long as sufficient money was involved, the client’s attitude problem could be wholly disregarded.

After reaching her home, she lay down on her sofa and began going through Song Shiyu’s questionnaire intently, making use of every second she had to spare.

The questionnaire was rather short as she did it in a rush while Song Shiyu was driving over earlier. Its content was fairly simple too, basically inquiring about the client’s perception of Ji Xinxin’s habits, character, and so on. This was necessary for her to act out the ‘Ji Xinxin’ Song Shiyu knew.

Other than that, it also included some of Song Shiyu’s personal interests.

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All in all, it was basically just to ensure the service quality so as to convert new customers into loyal ones so that she could better rip them off.

Song Shiyu might be an asshole, but at least he was rich.

While going through the questionnaire, Ji Fanyin began giving some thought to the other fishes in Ji Xinxin’s pond, wondering if there were any potential customers she could solicit from there.

Bai Zhou? I guess he’s pretty rich too.

After she was finally done looking through the questionnaire, Ji Fanyin stood up and dragged her feet toward the toilet. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and began adjusting her state of mind.

Too bad for the fishes in Ji Xinxin’s pond—or should I say that it’s too good for their own good—I happened to be an A-list actress before my death.

It took Ji Fanyin twenty minutes in order to fully grasp Song Shiyu’s ‘Ji Xinxin’.

Maintaining a sweet cheerful smile on her face, she opened the ‘Temptation of Home’ application to take a look. Song Shiyu’s generous provision of 300,000 dollars and some Emotion Points had pushed her slightly toward her goal. While this was a drop in the ocean of her ultimate goal of ten billion, the fact that she was able to rake in 400,000 in a single day was still something worth celebrating.

I already have half a million in my bank account now.

“As expected of me,” murmured Ji Fanyin proudly as she put down her phone.

She headed towards her wardrobe and began carefully picking out the clothes she was going to be wearing for tomorrow’s appointment. After that, she put on a mask and quietly lay down on her bed.

Tomorrow is the day that I’ll be imprinting myself deeply on that fish. I have to make sure that I rest up well today, so that I can better rip him off in the future.

Song Shiyu sat in a restaurant’s compartment room as he chatted with Ji Xinxin over text.

Ji Xinxin had just landed in Paris and was currently reporting her safety to her friends and family. Despite the awkwardness that occurred between Song Shiyu and her the day before, she didn’t neglect him and sent a voice message over.

“I’ve arrived in Paris~ It’s such a beautiful place, and I’m doing well… What about you? How are you doing?”

Song Shiyu sighed softly.

All he could do was to put this message aside for a few hours without responding, but he was incapable of remaining angry at Ji Xinxin.

He took some time to compose a warm and polite message that conformed to his image, but before he could send it out, a series of knocking suddenly sounded on the compartment’s door.

Song Shiyu looked at his watch. It was a minute off eleven.

Ji Fanyin sure is punctual.

“Come in,” he said nonchalantly.

The moment the door was pushed open, a voice that was identical to the one he had just heard from his phone was delivered into his ears. “You’re early. Have you been waiting long?”

Song Shiyu glanced at the doorway in surprise. He subconsciously rose to his feet as he replied, “I just arrived too.”

“That’s a relief. I was worried that you would be bored out of your mind waiting by yourself. Let’s order something. I’m starving.” Ji Xinxin walked up to Song Shiyu and directed him a sweet smile. “You said that you’ll be treating me today.”

Song Shiyu could even smell the usual perfume that Ji Xinxin used on her, and it made him instinctively nod in response. “Of course, there’s no way I would make you pay. Come, sit down and have a look at the menu, Xin…”

He was just about to speak that name when he suddenly bit down on the final syllabus. An overwhelming outpour of irrepressible shock and anger suddenly crashed down on him.

He actually mistook Ji Fanyin for Ji Xinxin for a moment there!

He remembered how Ji Fanyin would reveal that detestable hurt expression whenever he mentioned Ji Xinxin in front of her, which made her look extremely un-Ji Xinxin-like.

Ji Xinxin was more like…

“Shiyu, aren’t you going to take a seat too?” asked Ji Fanyin doubtfully.

She had already picked up the menu and started looking through it.

Song Shiyu stared at her for a brief moment before he finally snapped out of his daze. His lips curled up, but his expression remained incredibly cold. “Ji Fanyin, who taught you this move?”

Did you think that you can covet what Ji Xinxin has just because you can imitate her?

Ji Fanyin blinked her eyes. She unlocked her phone and shook it before Song Shiyu, displaying a timer counting down from 2 hours and 57 minutes.

With a ‘Ji Xinxin’ smile on her face, she answered his question with Ji Xinxin’s voice, “Probably my bank account.”

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