Chapter 19.5: I Am a Dream Weaver (5)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 19.5: I Am a Dream Weaver (5)

Her phone suddenly vibrated at this moment. It was a message from Chen Yunsheng. 

He had sent her a photo of him beside a basketball court. His hair was drenched with sweat, and he was holding a bottle of water in his hand. He had a bright smile on his face that revealed his white teeth, making him appear like the typical handsome second lead in romance dramas. 

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Ji Fanyin felt like she had returned to her youthful years just by looking at the photo.

Chen Yunsheng: 【We had the semifinals for an inter-school basketball competition today. It was a close one, but our team won in the end! >A<】

Ji Fanyin looked at the ‘>A<’ emoticon he sent, and she couldn’t help but think that even though they were both university students, not even ten Bai Zhous was as adorable as a single Chen Yunsheng.

Before she could reply, Chen Yunsheng had already followed up with another message: 【The finals are on next Sunday. Are you free to drop by your alma mater to watch the game? Our team will reserve the best seats for you!】

A third message arrived right after: 【Remember to reply once you’re done with your work ⊙_⊙】

Ji Fanyin was indeed busy at the moment.

There were many people walking to and fro the VIP Lounge, but a pair of polished male leather shoes suddenly stopped in front of her.

Ji Fanyin tore her eyes off her phone to look at the person who had walked up to her, only to see the other party staring at her face in astonishment. 

“It looks like you’re an acquaintance of my younger sister,’ said Ji Fanyin.

“… Younger sister?”

“Ji Xinxin is my twin sister,” said Ji Fanyin. Her long eyelashes drooped a little as she added, “Did you mistake me for her?”

“I see.” The man coughed lightly to conceal his earlier rudeness. “I was just thinking that… the two of you really look alike.”

“We’re twins,” replied Ji Fanyin. She gestured to the seat beside her and asked, “Would you like to take a seat?”

“I’ve heard about you from Xinxin,” the man said as he took a seat. He stared intently at Ji Fanyin’s face for a moment before finally continuing on, “But you’re very different from what I’ve heard.”

“Is that so?” remarked Ji Fanyin. “Well, I’ve changed quite a bit in recent days. I’m Ji Fanyin. How should I address you?”

“Ah,” exclaimed the man awkwardly. “I am Cen Xiangyang.”

Ji Fanyin also let out an “Ah”.

He’s here, the rising director-cum-future kidnapper-cum-attempted rapist Cen Xiangyang.

Cen Xiangyang’s eyes lit up in anticipation as he asked, “You’ve heard about me from Xinxin?”

Ji Fanyin chose to respond in a roundabout manner, “Xinxin and I don’t really talk about such stuff.”

Cen Xiangyang lowered his gaze in disappointment.

He had a ‘salt type face’ which was considered trendy nowadays. He didn’t have pronounced facial features that made him stand out amidst a crowd. Instead, he looked more like an artistic young man. Paired with his gold-rimmed glasses, he had a decent, refined appearance. 

It’s impossible to tell that he’s a criminal in the making just by his appearance and the way he talks. 

Now that I think about it, Song Shiyu isn’t any better than him either.

Cen Xiangyang soon snapped out of his disappointment and said, “Xinxin seems to be really busy after arriving in France. We weren’t able to talk to each other as much as before. Does she still call home often? How is she doing now?”

“Don’t you think that she’ll be able to adapt well to any environment?” asked Ji Fanyin in response.

“Yes, you’re right.” Cen Xiangyang chuckled softly. “But while I trust her capability, I still can’t help but worry about all sorts of things when she’s not in my line of sight. I really wish that she could stay by my side forever, never having to part ways.”

Ji Fanyin looked at him quietly.

“… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said all of that to you.” Cen Xiangyang snapped out of his trance and apologized sheepishly. “I’m a director. What about you?”

It was then that a few more individuals appeared at the lounge’s entrance.

Ji Fanyin casually shot a glance over and saw Song Shiyu bringing Father Ji and Mother Ji in. Song Shiyu cast a casual sweeping glance across the room and immediately met her gaze. His complexion immediately darkened a little in displeasure.

Not at work at the moment, Ji Fanyin raised her cup of juice and directed a faint smile in Song Shiyu’s direction before turning her head back to answer Cen Xiangyang’s question.

“If I were to put it in my own words, I’m a dream weaver,” she replied. 

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