Chapter 1813

 Chapter 1813 (Raw 1825): Blood Spirit Flower
 Xiao Chen looked at the disciples of the two Demonic Dao sects rushing into the distance. Then, he entered deep thought.
 Buddhist sect expert?
 Where did this person come from? Could he be from the Central Great Realm? That is possible.
 The stage of the forbidden sea was rather large.
 The lairs of many Demonic Dao sects were here as well. If a Buddhist sect disciple was confident enough, the Ash Gray Sea, as a land of experiential training, was worth visiting.
 Whether it was to increase beneficence, increase their ken, or complete their aspirations, coming to the Ash Gray Sea would be of great help.
 The question before Xiao Chen now was whether to join in the excitement.
 What was happening actually had nothing to do with him. There were also no special fortuitous encounters. It did not matter whether he went or not.
 After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen decided not to go.
 There would definitely be many Demonic Dao sect experts. If he got careless and someone noticed something off, he would be in big trouble. The risk would not be worth it just to take part in the excitement.
 Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he disappeared from where he was. Then, he started running about in the peaks.
 He now knew that unless one was a true expert, no one would fly in these one hundred thousand great peaks.
 Only the newcomers would be that bold. By flying in the air, they would present a huge target that was easy to spot.
 The Demonic Dao cultivators seeking to ambush foreign cultivators liked attacking such targets.
 Furthermore, Xiao Chen’s steed was Demon Blood Vulture, a mutated beast.
 This was the reason why he had gotten ambushed previously.
 After paying some attention to this now, Xiao Chen encountered much fewer ambushes.
 Suddenly, the Demon Blood Vulture, perched on Xiao Chen’s shoulder, showed a flash of brilliant light in its eyes before taking off towards a particular direction.
 “This is…”
 Xiao Chen muttered to himself, “This Demon Blood Vulture’s nose is particularly sensitive, far better than mine. Could it have discovered some natural treasure?”
 He pushed off with his feet and quickly gave chase.
 Soon, a lake covered in white fog appeared before him.
 Xiao Chen could vaguely make out a small island in the middle of the lake through the fog.
 The Demon Blood Vulture did not continue flying over. It slowly alighted on Xiao Chen’s shoulder, appearing cautious.
 Xiao Chen looked at where the Demon Blood Vulture was staring, and his eyes immediately lit up.
 Blood Spirit Flowers!
 This was a spirit flower that contained pure Demonic Qi, providing great natural nourishment for Demonic Dao cultivators.
 To think that this place had so many.
 Outside the Myriad Star Mountain, one Blood Spirit Flower would be worth at least one hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Jades.
 In Xiao Chen’s eyes, that sea of Blood Spirit Flowers turned into gleaming Medial Grade Spirit Jades that were very tempting.
 No wonder the Demon Blood Vulture flew over impatiently.
 However, even the Demon Blood Vulture resisted and stopped here. Naturally, Xiao Chen would not just rashly charge forward.
 There were many Demonic Dao cultivators in the one hundred thousand great peaks. Someone should have discovered this lake island long ago.
 It was impossible that no one had come to pick the flowers. There had to be some danger around.
 Just as Xiao Chen was thinking, a piercing sonic boom rang out. An old man with an extremely horrifying aura moved across the lake like a phantom, rushing to the island in the center of the lake.
 Even Xiao Chen was startled at the black-clad old man’s speed; it was no slower than his own.
 Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dragon Steps became extraordinary after he comprehended the Thunder Great Dao.
 Aside from speed, the other party’s Movement Technique was exceptionally strange.
 The other party’s position constantly changed. At every moment, there would be a change in angle and direction, confusing the eyes.
 The other party’s next position was unpredictable.
 A loud sound rang out, and the lake’s surface split apart. A thirty-meter-long strange fish opened its huge mouth and accurately pinpointed where the black-clad old man would appear next. Then, it tried to bite down on that old man.
 Xiao Chen felt extremely shocked when he saw it.
 That fish monster was incredible. It held the upper hand in the water, and its perception was startling.
 Furthermore, the fish monster had such lightning-quick speed. Who knew how many Demonic Dao cultivators greedy for the Blood Spirit Flowers had fallen to it?
 However, that black-clad old man did not fluster. He quickly changed directions, appearing illusionary.
 That fish monster only bit down on an afterimage. In the next moment, that old man landed on the island in the center.
 The earlier scene happened in an instant. However, the danger involved made the hearts of anyone who saw it pound heavily.
 The black-clad old man succeeded in reaching the island. Then, he stretched out his hand, wanting to take away all of the Blood Spirit Flowers.
 What a fellow! He is really greedy.
 When Xiao Chen saw this, he almost could not resist making a move.
 However, just at this moment, another strange thing happened. A shadow suddenly covered the small island.
 The old man’s expression changed slightly. When he looked up, his eyes filled with horror.
 What cast the shadow covering the island was the head of a gargantuan snake. When it opened its mouth and sucked, it swallowed the old man alive.
 Then, the snake entered the water and started to enjoy its meal, a feast of a Demonic Dao middle-stage Star Venerate expert.
 Xiao Chen had already seen the strength of a Demonic Dao expert. Any from a large sect, even an early-stage Star Venerate disciple, would already be very difficult to deal with.
 A middle-stage Star Venerate would be stronger than a late-stage Star Venerate from outside the Ash Gray Sea.
 Xiao Chen, who witnessed this scene, sucked in a breath of cold air. “No wonder no one could pick those Blood Spirit Flowers. So, this is the reason. Given the strength of that huge snake, an ordinary Holy Venerate would not be able to take it down easily.”
 However, he had no intention of giving up.
 Xiao Chen swept his gaze around and focused on the Demon Blood Vulture perched on his shoulder.
 The Demon Blood Vulture let out a cry, immediately having a bad feeling. This fellow must be up to no good again.
 “Use your full power. You are even faster than me. Go lure away that huge snake. I will collect the Blood Spirit Flowers.”
 The Demon Blood Vulture was so frightened that it fell off Xiao Chen’s shoulder. It shook its head like it was a rattle drum.
 “It is not up to you!”
 Xiao Chen laughed loudly and grabbed the Demon Blood Vulture. Then, his Vital Qi surged, and he hurled the Demon Blood Vulture, sending it zooming out like a cannonball.
 The Demon Blood Vulture cursed eighteen generations of Xiao Chen’s ancestors in its heart, wanting to cry but lacking the tears to do so.
 However, now that things had gotten to this point, it was no longer up to the Demon Blood Vulture.
 The Demon Blood Vulture had already arrived over the lake. Its body rapidly increased in size as it narrowly dodged the attack of a fish monster.
 I’ll eat! I’ll eat! I’ll eat!
 The Demon Blood Vulture flew to the small island, and its eyes lit up. It had only one thought in its mind: Even if I die, I will have a hearty meal first.
 The Demon Blood Vulture consumed one-third of the Blood Spirit Flowers before speeding away, fleeing in a hurry.
 A furious roar rang out, and light burst forth above the lake.
 The gargantuan snake hidden in the lake was incensed. A ferocious beast actually ate its Blood Spirit Flowers.
 That was unpardonable!
 When the gargantuan snake emerged completely from the water, its body was actually at least one thousand six hundred meters long.
 As it frequently consumed the Blood Spirit Flowers, the gargantuan snake possessed a strong demonic nature. Its skin was covered in layers of scarlet patterns, looking very terrifying.
 However, the Demon Blood Vulture was already far away. This angered the gargantuan snake into roaring and giving chase.
 Xiao Chen laughed softly. It looks like this Demon Blood Vulture usually doesn’t put in its full effort.
 At the risk of death, the speed that it can erupt with is much faster than normal.
 It seems that I will have to train it more in the future.
 If the Demon Blood Vulture heard this, it would probably be angered into vomiting blood. There would be a good show to see then.
 Back to business. Xiao Chen’s gaze landed on the lake surface. He narrowed his eyes, thinking of something.
 After he saw the black-clad old man and the Demon Blood Vulture displaying their Movement Techniques on the surface of the lake, he also wanted to see how fast he could be.
 With a quick thought, Xiao Chen circulated his Thunder Great Dao, and its Great Dao Energy immediately filled his entire body.
 “Chi! Chi!”
 Xiao Chen’s body crackled as small sparks appeared.
 Lightning filled his eyes. If someone were to gaze into them, they would feel like they had fallen into a sea of lightning, one that was vast and boundless.
 Explode! Xiao Chen shouted in his heart, and the Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy erupted.
 Two lightning dragons appeared underfoot and instantly carried him across the lake surface like he was a beam of light.
 A fish monster leaped out of the lake but did not even manage to bite Xiao Chen’s afterimage.
 “Ka ca!” In the next moment, the fish monster, which was about to sink back into the water, suddenly turned into a pool of blood.
 Xiao Chen, who had already reached the small island, had turned around and charged back, catching the fish monster off guard.
 He had drawn his Tyrant Saber and chopped apart the fish monster while it was in the air.
 “Clang!” Xiao Chen sheathed his saber and smiled with satisfaction. That was speed.
 There was nothing flashy about it. And unlike the Demon Blood Vulture, when his speed peaked, he could attack and control his direction freely.
 However, the blood seemed to have attracted some trouble. Xiao Chen looked down and realized that there was more than one fish monster.
 Many pairs of fish monsters’ eyes teemed below the lake’s surface.
 The remnant Great Dao Energy of the Thunder Dao erupted again, bringing Xiao Chen safely to the island.
 The moment he landed on the island, several thousands of fish monsters leaped out of the lake at the same time.
 That scene was so shocking that a chill ran down Xiao Chen’s spine.
 Fortunately, he had reached the island, avoiding that calamity.
 All that remained was what to do with all these Blood Spirit Flowers.
Written by Fiery Moon / Yuè Rú Huǒ (月如火). Translated by DragonInWhite. Edited by Vampirecat, Dank Oz, Nora, MindLitUp, Chlocolatte, FluffyGoblyn.