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ZL - Chapter 880- Dogs fighting for food

Chapter 880- Dogs fighting for food

Flames surged into the sky. The Blood Demon Forest of the past had now been leveled out into flat land. What replaced it was a dense bunch of Moon City players and NPCs. Cannons were placed at the front of the forest and fired right at the China Region players who were defending Bridge of Fate. Moon City didn't have that many players and couldn't be compared to India. Moreover, it looked like they were getting tired of all the attacking.

  On the contrary, the China Region players were in an even worse situation. [Vanguard] was left with less than ten thousand people. Jian Feng Han held his sword and walked up to the frontlines and cut down those players who charged over. However, under the dense firepower of the enemy, his health was dropping bit by bit. He could only survive for ten seconds at most before he had to retreat to heal up. There were no more than three million China Region players here. They were pretty much fighting one against three. It was too insane; no wonder Owen asked Pearl to rush back three times. However, this was also the reason why Pearl died at Flaming Cloud City.

  "They are about to charge over again!"

  Don’t Be Foolish held her shield and rode forward, numerous [Magma Abyss] skills exploded beneath her feet. Following which, dozens of arrows pierced his shield. That warhorse neighed out and all of its toughness was taken out. However, Don’t Be Foolish still charged the moment she landed on the ground. With a spear, she pierced the chest of an archer. She struck with the shield and directly smashed the archer to death. However, her arm was slightly weak and the moment the shield landed her face was smashed by a spear!


  Fresh blood splattered and her head was actually smashed in by the spear thrown by the cavalry. Her health was at thirty percent. She gritted his teeth, "Hold on, we can't retreat any longer!"

  Jian Feng Han dashed across, with a sword he pushed aside a bunch of archers and hollered, "North Pole, Monk, head over. Sister Yun, protect yourself before attacking!"

  Goodbye Tears held her iron blade and hollered as she charged up, slashing the shoulder of a cavalry. The blade trembled and she used another [Mountain Strike]. However, it didn't deal much damage. That Moon City Cavalry slashed down!


  A pitiful two thousand damage hit. The cavalry was shocked, "God, what strong defense!"

  Goodbye Tears pushed with his spear and that cavalry was forced back several feet. The North Pole held a staff and hurried over, and after using two spells the enemy was instantly killed. On the other side, Simple led a bunch of [Vanguard] forces to charge. Her staff waved as she cast [Magma Lance] and [Ancient Demon Blade] into the crowd. Another bunch of Moon City players cried out as they died.

  In the other direction, [Appearance Alliance] and [House of Prestige] also plucked up the courage to rush in. However, they weren't strong enough and they were already at their final legs after the long battle period.

  On the contrary, the Moon City players, the guild leader of [Dawn], the top Guild French region, House of Waterloo led his men to charge. Their main force was roughly ten thousand stone tigers. We had seen these stone tiger mounts before and every ten attacks they would be able to gather a stone transformation attack to make the enemy turn to stone. They also had the green magma shield effect which was really brutal. [Zhan Long] also had a few hundred stone tigers but we were unable to get a large enough scale. The ten thousand of them were the main force of Moon City and after a round of charging they had killed a thousand [House of Prestige] players.

  Bai Li Ruo Feng was among the crowd and his positioning was really exquisite. With a short pause, he would be able to release all of his skills. From afar, he killed the stone tigers but he was still unable to prevent their defeat. The stone tiger cavalry was still attacking the China Region players. They seemed totally unstoppable.


  Our south conquering players stood still from afar and looked at the battle. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and the others were all raring to go. The same went for Yan Zhao Warrior, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Q-Sword. Ye Lai held his axe and said, "We should go from the side to deliver a fatal blow. How about that? We need to save Jian Feng Han from the danger."

  I nodded my head as I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and ordered, "Pierce through them from the wing!"

  Behind me, a dense group of Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry pulled out their blades. Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Song Han, Yue Qing Qian, and the non-cavalry players also sped up and followed the cavalry to push forward. Han Yuan, Xia Ye, Xiao Lie, and Long Xing led the Royal Army troops forward. Our way back home was already cut off so the only way back was to crush these bunch of Moon City players in front of us.

  The sound of horse hooves shook the land. The Fire Dragon Cavalry and Frost Ram Cavalry clashed with the stone tiger cavalry. Both sides fought intensely and pretty much instantly many mounts turned to stone. Players trampled on one another and there were huge losses. I took the chase to jump up from my horse and activated [Icy Wings] activated as I slashed into the crowd. At the same time, I also activated [Ghost God's Dance]. Instantly, the sound of howling ghosts spread out twenty yards around me and many blade and halberd-wielding ghost generals waved their weapons to slash the enemies. A huge bunch of damage numbers rose up. This was much stronger than any other AOE skill. The petrification effect also had no effect on me. While their mouths were agape, I had already crossed dozens of meters. Behind me were petrified corpses. Even Q-Sword held his sword and dashed forward. He looked towards me and laughed out, "Li Xiao Yao, well done. Brothers, charge!"

  Killing shouts surged into the sky. The three million China Region players fought intensely. The troops, after learning that Marshal Xu and Tian Ling City Princess Pearl had died in battle, were pretty much a mourning army who went all out. All of a sudden their ten thousand stone tiger cavalry suffered heavy losses. After the player cavalry charged through, the Royal Army iron cavalry also charged. Then, tens of thousands of ranged players hurled their arrows and skills. Finally, the ten thousand Dark Moon Elf archers of the Royal Army followed up. Hand of Waterloo was about to cry. The ten thousand stone tiger cavalry he was proud of was left with less than two thousand. They were unable to reform or regroup their forces.

  Han Yuan held his blade and charged about the enemies. Each time he waved his blade, there would be a blade glow. This Demon Harvest Tier BOSS actually caused the surrounding players to be too terrified to even get close to him. The Royal Army Blade Shield Unit was really strong. The barbarians roared out, blades and shields danced randomly. In the crowd, Changfeng Army General Baili Ning hollered, "Quick, move Princess Pearl's body to the Bridge of Fate. We will hold them off!"

  Thousands of Changfeng Army troops carried Pearl's coffin across the river while I brought the Royal Army and [Zhan Long] players to protect them. After a round of our attacks, the arrogance of the Moon City people dropped by a large amount. It wasn't much of a problem for us to use our geographical advantage to defend this place. Many people just defended the Bridge of Fate.

  From afar, many ships appeared on the War God River. They were the warships that the Royal Army had docked in the area nearby. There was a total of a hundred of them. Cannons exploded out as they started to shoot at the Moon City players and NPCs the moment they left the shore. Moon City was on an expedition, so how would they expect so many ships to suddenly appear on the War God River? All of a sudden they suffered huge losses and they could only take hits without any means of returning.

  "General Li Xiao Yao!"

  Baili Ning stood on the Bridge of Fate and looked at me. He said, "Please bring the princess' coffin back to Tian Ling City with me."

  I nodded my head. Baili Ning was her teacher but he also couldn't take responsibility for her death. Actually, I also couldn't take that responsibility either, but since this had already happened we had to face it. No matter how much trouble Owen gave me, this was something that I had to let pass. Moreover... the one that was truly at fault was Owen. Pearl's death was forced by him. I also had no need to avoid this.

  I rode my God Dragon Horse across the river. Xiao Lie, Han Yuan, and the other two generals followed me across. Wang Jian and Li Mu continued to lead [Zhan Long]’s main force to defend the War God River. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue brought a portion of the troops to accompany me back to Tian Ling City. They also felt that something was going to happen when we got there.


  We carried Pearl's coffin all the way back to the city. When we crossed Fierce Wind Forest and arrived in Tian Ling City, there was a bunch of soldiers wearing white silk mourning dresses waiting for us. Upon receiving her coffin, cries broke out and groups of people teared up. I kept silent and headed into the city along with the Royal Army.

  Tian Ling City's streets were unusually silent. This was wartime Tian Ling City, so NPC and players were all outside the city. The city seemed really cold but what surprised me was that he actually didn't come out to receive her coffin. We sent people to inform him about her death long ago. He shouldn't be so cold-blooded. After all, wasn’t Pearl his sister?

  In front of the Tian Ling City palace, I finally saw Owen. He wore a white robe with a crown on his head. He held the king’s sword and his eyes were blood-red as he pounced over. He opened the coffin and saw Pearl who was as beautiful as jade lying in the silk. Owen cried out, "Sister... Sister... Open your eyes and look at me. What happened to you Pearl? My sister, why aren't you speaking..."

  Louis spoke on the side, "Pearl was killed by the Marshal of Flaming Cloud City, Clear Current Army General Barry. This Barry is evil and we cut off his head!"

  "Where is it?" Owen turned around, his eyes filled with hatred.

  I took out Barry's head and threw it on the ground.

  "Damn thing..."

  Owen seemed like someone who had lost his mind, landing a heavy kick on the head. Barry’s face was mashed up into a bloody mess. Owen pulled out his sword and stabbed the face as he hollered, "Men... Prepare a huge pot and cook his head for three days. Then feed it to the hundred dogs!"

  My body shuddered when I heard that. A guard carried Barry's head and left.


  Owen wiped his tears and said, "Give Pearl a Royal Family Burial. She is a great princess of the Empire and she is our pride. Father's spirit in Heaven will be proud of her."

  As he said that he suddenly looked toward me with eagle eyes, "Li Xiao Yao, report on the Flaming Cloud City war situation!"

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