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ITDO - Chapter 277 - Dragon Group’s Investigation

“I-I did it.”

Ye Feng trembled as he looked at the ‘Want Want Senbei’ in his hand. He pulled down his face mask and said with a crying voice.

Robbing a kindergartener’s snack was quite difficult. As an adult, Ye Feng also had his own pride. If he was found stealing from a child, he really did not know if he could still live, but in the face of the system’s temptation, he suppressed these thoughts. After buying a suit and a face mask and struggling with his inner conscience for half a day, he took a plunge and snatched a ‘Want Want Senbei’ from a 4-5-year-old girl’s hand.

He had to settle for this snack because he simply couldn’t find any kindergartner eating a lollipop.

“Waaaaaah. Waaaaaaah!!!”

Ye Feng was quick on his feet as he left the area. His mild guilt was soon washed away by the joy of the system responding to his action.

[Ding! Host has completed the task. Sin points will be rewarded and can be used to increase attributes.]

‘As expected, this also worked. The most important aspect of the challenge should be stealing from a child. My guess was right.’

‘A point into my attributes. This is indeed system-like!’

[System. Increase my strength.]

Ye Feng suppressed his excitement and said to the system inwardly. He didn’t know if the system was real or not and decided to test it by increasing his strength.

Ye Feng felt warmth rise from his body. He did not yet flex, but he instinctively knew that he was a bit stronger.

‘This system is real. It’s not in vain that I ruined her day.’

Ye Feng was overjoyed and he danced.

At this time, someone pressed down on his shoulder and startled him. When he turned around, he saw a police officer standing behind him.

“Student, I saw what you just did. Come with me and apologize to the little girl over there and her parents.”

The policeman looked at the college student in front of him with a contemptuous look, clearly disappointed with his behavior.

‘Crap! This wasn’t part of the plan. Should I kill him to silence him? No, I am still very weak. It’s better to hold back for now.’

Thinking about the protagonists of all the novels he read, Ye Feng decided to play patient even if he was disgraced.

‘Once I become more powerful with the system, just wait and see.’

He thought fiercely in his heart, but in reality, he helplessly followed the police and met the little girl and her parents. Under the crowd’s words of scorn and her crying face, he began to apologize.


Shanghai -Dragon Group Office-

“Gui Bin, take a look at this report.

The leader of the division handed over a report as he finished his smoke.

Both he and Gui Bin had dark circles under their eyes and tired expressions.

Since mysterious powers had been confirmed to exist, the whole world had become chaotic… This was especially so after the incident of the Torch Dragon manifesting the sun. More than anything else, most people were afraid of these mysterious powers.

Every single country had begun to pour more human and material resources into the search for supernatural forces as they feared being unable to adapt to the future. As a result, departments investigating mysterious forces naturally became a top priority for all countries. These departments became the envy of other departments due to the good treatment and material support that they received.

As the seniors of the departments, these two had also received a huge increase in salary. Because Gui Bin had come in contact with the mysterious old man from the Ming Dynasty and received items that contained mysterious powers within, his status was not the same as before. He even gained some military powers.

The ‘Dragon Group' wasn't really called that. There was a different official name in the national records, but in private, everyone jokingly called their organization the Dragon Group, especially since the United States of America had ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ as theirs.

“Chief, have you tried those pills yet?”

Gui Bin received the documents handed over to him by the leader. He did not rush to open them and asked.

“It was that old man who gave you some pills, so I naturally passed it on to the government. The state has also conducted experiments with them, so I was about to talk to you about them.”

“When it comes to those pills, the higher-ups have been ecstatic. Medical scientists have studied them and concluded that they were manufactured using only ordinary Chinese medicine. However, when they were used on humans, the results were astounding.”

“At first, the country used them on some death row inmates. These individuals had poor health and the results were just as the old man had said - they died violent deaths.”

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“Afterward, the special forces soldiers volunteered to participate in the experiment. After these battle-hardened soldiers took the pill, they did not die. On the contrary, their physical qualities increased and they broke through human limits. Even those hidden injuries that modern medicine could not treat were healed up. This is simply incredible.”

The leader clicked his tongue in amazement.

“This is simply human strengthening. Because of this, the country had created a group of a hundred reinforced humans. It is said that this group has high combat power and could be one of our nation’s trump cards. Why do you think the two of us would be promoted so quickly? I have to thank you for this. The things you passed on are helpful to the country, but I just don’t know if we can decode how exactly these pills are produced.”

Although the role of human forces had become infinitely small as technology developed, these soldiers were still superior in small-scale battles. In the jungle and other places with complex terrain, these people could display extraordinary prowess. With Earth dominated by an era of peace, small-scale battles were more frequent and required human resources. Countries would not walk on the big stage and start fights, as a result, having this group of soldiers participate in small-scale battles would allow them to dominate the battlefield.

Gui Bin was also happy to hear this. He was inwardly grateful to the old man. He even began praying to the Torch Dragon, but just in a casual way.

Since the old man said that he wanted to promote faith in the Torch Dragon, the state turned a blind eye after receiving benefits. They neither prevented nor supported the belief as long as it wasn’t as problematic as the belief in Cthulhu. The state decided to take a stance on freedom of faith.

In any case, with regards to the mysterious pills, the country would require a long time to study them.

Gui Bin opened the file in a good mood. His expression became serious as he read the contents.

Other than papers and photos, there were even memory cards with videos inside. When Gui Bin opened his computer and looked at the videos, he saw a teenager jump three meters high and even used the power of his mind to make a stone float.

“This isn’t just another fake, right?”

Gui Bin asked.

Right now, the country was looking for extraordinary people. Naturally, many religions also popped up, but after an investigation, they all turned out to be liars and scammers. None of them were real. As a result, Gui Bin also suspected that this video was also altered.

“This is taken from one of our security cameras in Shanghai. With multiple angles taken, we have determined that it might be real.”

The leader’s words made Gui Bin pick up the papers and read them.

“Ye Feng, a sophomore in the literature department of Shanghai University. His parents died early and his family’s social situation is unremarkable. According to our investigation, there were no abnormalities found in the past. The first abnormality began when he snatched some kindergartener's Want Want Senbei. After which he began fighting people, stealing, and acting arrogantly. It's very different from his past attitude. This was also taken while he was running in the suburbs. His running speed has broken the Guinness World Record.

“The special abilities he has demonstrated were also being strengthened. Recent videos have found that he possesses ‘psychokinesis’. We have already sent a number of senior officers to follow and closely monitor him. His current actions aren’t too harmful yet, but if his power and behavior are deemed as a threat to national security, we may recommend immediate arrest and research.”

Gui Bin read the report and frowned.

With modern human technology, as long as it wasn’t something incomprehensible like Superman or the Torch Dragon, the so-called people with supernormal capabilities were not so scary. Hot weapons had the ability to kill people like Ye Feng reliably. Although he tried to be careful, it was only a matter of time before he was exposed by modern technology.“

“This person is named Ye Feng. His parents are dead. He was always bullied in the past. After suddenly obtaining mysterious powers, his behavior changed. He simply looks like he’s doing missions and his power is gradually getting stronger. This is what novel protagonists are like.”

Gui Bin, who had read countless novels, closed the investigation report, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

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