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ITDO - Chapter 271 - Unicorn’s Tail

Lara slightly bent her waist like a spirited horse waiting for her owner to ride her. Louie gently smiled, pressed his hand on her back, and climbed her spotless white back.

Louie had never ridden a horse before. On Earth, this was a hobby only the rich could afford, and he definitely did not qualify as a wealthy individual. In this life, he had become a dragon so there was no reason for him to ride a horse when he could just fly in the sky. Even if Louie tried to ride one, like a beast on top of the food chain, the horse would likely panic when confronted with his aura.

However, Lara was different. She was a unicorn that only appeared in legends and she was even the queen.

After getting on Lara’s back, Louie felt strangely comfortable. Her back was so soft enough to feel boneless. It was as though he was sitting on the world’s softest pillow, and he almost moaned in pleasure.

As his palm caressed her fur, he could feel that it was cold, soft, and smooth like precious jade. It was a double pleasure reminiscent of touching a small animal’s fur and a young girl’s skin at the same time.

Unicorns were rare and rarer still were the people who they recognized as riders. Probably just as few people rode on the backs of dragons.

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It wasn’t like this was Lara’s first time having someone on her back. She had carried the Silver Moon Goddess before and toured the Silver Moon Kingdom. However, being ridden by Louie and being ridden by the Silver Moon Goddess gave her different feelings.

When she was carrying the Silver Moon Goddess, she felt more of a master-servant relationship than one of friends. When Louie got on her back, her limbs felt slightly numb, and could feel heat bubbling inside her.

‘Could this be the feeling of a unicorn letting someone of the opposite sex ride them?’

Lara’s heart stirred a little, but as a demigod who had lived for thousands of years and a unicorn at that, she did not have the shy emotions of a human girl. Instead, what she felt more were curiosity and delight.

Unicorns had a high requirement for their riders. Male unicorns were only willing to let females ride them, while female unicorns were only willing to let males ride them. Moreover, the relationship between the rider and the unicorn was more complicated. This was because unicorns were not horses. They had their own will and feelings that were different from normal animals. As a result, the relationship between the two was closer to that of a couple.

Lara as the Unicorn Queen and a demigod did not let any mortal ride her, As the guardian of the unicorns, male unicorns only felt gratitude and reference towards her. Unicorns were relatively pure at heart and would not have those kinds of lustful thoughts. They only liked passionate and sincere feelings.

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Lara did not dare reject Louie’s request, because she knew that he was a true god and had an intimate relationship with the Silver Moon Goddess. On the other hand, she was only the Goddess’s subordinate. Perhaps she would also need the Dragon God’s shelter in the future. For this reason, she could not refuse, not to mention that she had no instinctive aversion to Louie riding her.

Different species had different thoughts. For humans, riding a king was a great insult, but for a unicorn, being ridden by people was natural. They were only very demanding.

Louie was not aware of the complex thoughts passing through Lara’s head. He only felt that she was truly beautiful. Her snow-white-fur, her hot and cheerful character, her robust limbs, and her mysterious horn were all in Louie’s line of sight. This was enough to make any dragon excited and want to capture her and taste her beauty.

Her hooves pushed off the earth with no difficulty. Be it rock, dirt, mud, or any other terrain, she could easily move through them. No matter how complex the road was, she could maneuver through it.

The light of the Silver Moon in the sky reflected off of Lara’s fur, making her glitter and shine. These lights weren’t normal lights, but lights filled with divine power. Louie could tell that this was deeply connected to the SIlver Moon Goddess’ power. It seemed that the Silver Moon Goddess thought very highly of Lara and had actually been using divine power to shelter her.

“A subordinate god and a pet.’

Louie had this thought.

Races that had a low population were naturally strong. Although they could not compare to dragons, unicorns would grow up to become as powerful as high-rank professions. So long as she remained Selune’s subordinate, then if the unicorns ever encountered danger, Selune would mobilize the entirety of the elven race to assist them. And naturally, the unicorns would reciprocate if the need ever arose.

This was the system of the nature gods. They belonged to nature, grew with nature, and died with nature, so it was natural for them to help each other.

‘It’s no wonder that Her Highness Selune would leave such a big bargaining chip with me.’

It finally dawned on him. As the Dragon God, the Silver Moon Goddess also hoped that the dragons would have a better relationship with the elves, such as the green dragons that were common in the Forest of the Moon, or the black dragons that could be seen from time to time. Although the two dragons were cruel, under the order of a god, they would definitely side with the elves.

In the past, the Dragon God had completely operated from closed doors, and dragons had formed their own society. Other races did not intervene in their matters, but Louie was different. As the new Dragon God, his followers were diverse, resulting in dragons having a deeper communication with other races.

“Although the bluegrass and flowers that could be found in the Silver Moon Kingdom are absent in this place, this place has its own kind of beauty.”

With Lara’s speed, she was like a white train. Louie could even tell that if he were to run on the ground, he might even lose to her speed. In the blink of an eye, she had brought Louie to the peak of a mountain where the silver moon poured down. The snowy peak acted as a background for this pure white unicorn, creating extremely pure scenery.

Louie’s outer coat that looked like gold caused this pure white to look a bit vulgar.

At the feet of the mountain was the scenery of Dragon City at night. The brightest and most lively street was the famous Tulip Street of Dragon City. Many large brothels, gambling houses, and lively taverns were located in the area.

The next brightest place was the residences of families. In the wider world of San Soliel, the residents of Dragon City could be called rich as every household could light up candles at night. This made the city shine like starlight, which was a unique scene in the main continent.

In contrast to the city’s bright lights, Louie’s chamber and his sanctuary were the only lights at the peak of the city. Louie was not a god who went as far as to promote the pleasures of life, so his sanctuary was solemn and majestic. If it was too bright, it would seem blasphemous.

“This is the light of order. Although less complicated than the beauty of the elves, it is clean and simple. This is the beauty that I seek.”

Louie did not need to be as decadent as the elves with each building giving off a sense of art. What he needed was absolute law and cleanliness. He especially loved the square lines of his previous life.

Thus, every area of the city was clearly divided into zones. The military zone stayed only as the military zone. The business zone stayed only as the business zone. This way, things won’t be too confusing.

“If one day I truly become a god like Her Highness Selune, I want to travel around the world and see the sights.|

The Unicorn Queen who had lived inside the Forest of the Moon for thousands of years suddenly found that the outside world was not as dirty as she imagined, even if this place was more complicated than the Forest of the Moon.

“You should be able to walk on this world, from south to north, from east to west. You are a unicorn and bring people happiness and blessing and take away their misfortune and anger. You are the helper of the poor, the unfortunate, and the abandoned. Show them the beauty of life, and I shall shelter you.”

Louie’s words were like a divine promise.

Lara suddenly came to an understanding and things became clear in her mind.

She was only a demigod and did not know what a god was. She was only a unicorn and was not as knowledgeable as the humans, beastmen, and elves. For Lara, it was difficult to become the God of the Unicorns, because unicorns did not form churches and follow rules and regulations. They also did not have religious geniuses like Clooney.

At this time, Louie pointed out the main characteristics of her race, allowing her to understand how the doctrine of the Unicorn Goddess should appear. How she should exalt her throne and create a church.

How could she not understand the good intentions and help Louie was giving her in his words?

Lara was in a joyful mood. Her tails swayed back and forth over Louie’s body. The light fragrance and ticklish feeling of the tail made Louie reach out and grab it.

The Unicorn Queen instantly became like a frightened puppy as her tail stiffened for a moment, but soon she relaxed again and let Louie continue playing with her tail.

She was joyfully surprised. She felt a bit of trepidation and also felt happy. The dragon, riding behind her, was not as scary as she thought.

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