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ITDO - Chapter 268 - Murderous and Deceitful

Lara gazed at the two visitors with slight apprehension.

Unicorns were highly vigilant of other living creatures. Although they did not only let people of high moral character ride them as the rumors said, they were creatures that weren’t tainted with mortal filth. They would always live in deep forests or mountains where few others resided.

Although Lara was a demigod, she had never gone outside of the Forest of the Moon before. She had stayed in the Forest of the Moon for thousands of years and had only become a demigod thanks to the guidance of the Silver Moon Goddess.

As the Queen of the Unicorns and their protector, she had received the faith of the unicorns. Unlike Louie, she not only had to gather her own believers, but she also had to figure out her divine authority by herself.

This was the real path to godhood and took millennia to succeed. Prospective Gods would need to cultivate their own divinity, condense their divine authority, and create their godhood. Each step was very difficult and the slightest mistake would burn them to ashes.

For Louie who had been given a powerful godhood and divine authorities, he only needed enough divinity and faith to become a god. He did not have to do anything else as he went through the easy path.

Louie patted Lara’s snow-white back, soothing her anxiety. At the same time, he used his ability to telepathically tell her, “Lady Lara, you have to overcome the nature and weakness of your race. Learn to come into contact more with mortals and other creatures. As long as you can do that, you should be able to condense your godhood in the future.”

Louie’s tone was relaxed and calm as if he was an elder teaching a unicorn that had lived for thousands of years.

“Your Highness Dragon God, thank you for your reminder. I will try my best to restrain this weakness of mine.”

Lara also used divine power to silently communicate with Louie.

Although gathering divinity was a slow process, it wasn’t difficult. One only needed an ample amount of time. For the unicorn that had lived thousands of years, she had already gathered enough.

As for condensing a divine authority, one had to do something related to the divine authority to be able to feel its true meaning. For example, to be able to gain the divine authority of justice, one had to exercise justice. What a God did need to be consistent with was their divine authority.

There was also no problem with this point. She had been the Queen of the Unicorns for thousands of years. This already met the requirements to become the God of Unicorns.

The last and most difficult thing was to use divine authority to create a godhood. This was the foundation of godhood. This process needed something akin to enlightenment. It was to supplement one’s own defects.

Unicorns were overly vigilant by nature. This was why the Silver Moon Goddess made her leave the Forest of the Moon to make her come into contact with more people and races. This would eliminate possible future dangers. For a long time now, the Silver Moon Goddess could not oversee the entire Forest of the Moon and guarantee its safety, as a result, she had stayed in the forest, protecting it.

With Dragon City’s establishment, Louie now stood like a wall that helped protect the forest. This was also why the Silver Moon Goddess was able to send Lara to him reassuringly and help her pass the last hurdle to become a god.

‘The Silver Moon Goddess is too careful. It would be hard for a demigod to face any kind of danger. However, this unicorn is indeed a bit too pure and naive. It would be too easy to fool her,’ Louie thought.

Derek and Andrea had remained kneeling respectfully. Louie did not pay attention to them, so they did not dare speak out first.

After reassuring Lara, Louie looked at the two of them and spoke with interest, “A princess and a legendary rank warrior. You have both traveled a long way to my Dragon City from the Subila Empire. I guess that there must be something you want to tell me?”

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Derek and Andrea were shocked. Since the god had directly brought this up, Derek signaled to the princess with his eyes. Princess Andrea beamed a pure and clean smile, “God Louie, this is a letter that my father, Abel, asked me to hand over to you.”

Louie extended a finger and the letter flew from the princess’ grasp to his palm. He looked at the wax seal on the letter to verify its origins. Sure enough, it was the Subilan Royal Family’s imperial seal. There were even magic fluctuations coming from it. If it was not opened with the right method, the letter would self-destruct. This was equivalent to a magic lock.

“Lord Dragon God, about lifting the spell…”

Before Andrea could finish her words, Louie waved his hands, “No need for the trouble.”

With a wipe of his thumb, the spell on the letter was removed.

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Derek and Andrea were once again shocked. This spell had been used for thousands of years and even demigods could not break it. It had been the favorite spell of the royalty and nobility when sending letters, but the spell was actually wiped off by the Dragon God.

‘Could this be the difference between gods and demigods?!’

The two were anxious, but they did not dare voice it loudly.

Louie did not open the letter yet and looked at Andrea with his inverted golden pupils and said with a gentle smile, “I heard that your highness was ambushed by an assassin in the Subila Empire. Other than having this letter delivered, the emperor had sent you here for protection. He knows that even your brother cannot send someone to assassinate you in Dragon City.”

Louie continued, “You really are favored by the Emperor. Even a legendary rank warrior is accompanying you.”

“It’s my honor for father to dote on me so much.”

The princess of the Subila Empire let out a shallow smile and curtsied. Her smile was sweet and pure as she blushed.

“That’s right, the Subila Empire’s emperor is really a great man. Even the ‘murderous and deceitful’ emperor could turn a blind eye to things. This kind of boldness is quite rare in this world. It’s a pity that I could not meet him.

Louie said with a deep smile in his eyes.

“W-what are you talking about, Lord Dragon God. Andrea cannot understand.”

Princess Andrea was confused. Her eyes were clear and pure. Her long eyelashes swayed as she blinked and coked her head as if she could not understand Louie’s words.

Seeing such a princess, Derek relaxed.

He first thought that Louie was suggesting that something was wrong with the princess, but after hearing her heartbeat smoothly and her facial expression remain unchanged, Derek could not find anything wrong with the princess at all.

If a legendary rank could not detect it, then a demigod wouldn’t be able to find the root cause as well, but Louie who was close to becoming a true god could see the princess’ soul tremble with his words.

‘Her soul is not an ordinary soul, but a holy soul! However, there is no divinity or divine power coming from her weak human body. How interesting! This princess seems to be hiding an interesting secret.”

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