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ITDO - Chapter 266 - Queen of Unicorns

In the main hall of the Dragon God Church, a pure golden figure walked leisurely through.

The night was not a time of prayers for the Dragon God Church. Louie’s dogma required people to pray in the morning, thus the important people of the church could move unhindered at night.

After much effort and an investment of significant resources, the first church of the Dragon God was built. In the future, it would become a sanctuary for the faithful. Louie was currently walking inside the halls and admiring the place.

The church’s structure was close to baroque style. Compared to the messy beauty of the human churches, there were many details that were different. His church was built based on grandeur so that people could feel at peace even if a dragon were to attack. The tall dome created a solemn silence that made the believers feel reverence and devotion from the depths of their hearts.

“This place will become great in the future.”

The god whispered softly as if he was making a prophecy.”

“Yes, Lord Dragon God. Your sanctuary will become powerful and revered in the future. Truly admirable.”

Beside Louie came a soft, lively, and joyful female voice. By just listening to her voice, anybody could tell that she was a stunning beauty.

However, anyone who came and took a look would be surprised that the beautiful and cheery sound did not come from a humanoid creature, but from a pure white unicorn.

It was a legendary creature that could only be found written in books for the past thousands of years. It had flawless white fur that could not be stained by any other color, not even gray of dust and dirt. Its pure white fur shone and glimmered like a freshwater pearl.

The unicorn was a white horse with a spiral horn on its forehead that symbolized its nobility and purity. In the world of San Soliel, unicorns had another meaning. They represented hope and joy. It even appears to assist the poor, the unfortunate, and the outcasts.

Legend had it that as long as a person saw a unicorn, they would feel happiness emanating from their hearts and dissolve their sorrows.

Louie’s inverted pupils looked at the creature. In the eyes of humanoid creatures, the unicorn was an inhuman creature and they could only feel purity and nobility from it, but in the eyes of a dragon, the unicorn in front was a beautiful female that carried elegance.

If Roselia gave people a sense of righteous holiness, then this unicorn gave people a sense of nobility and happiness.

“Miss Lara, how was your stay in Dragon City?”

Louie gently asked the creature with respect.

This was because the unicorn in front of him was not an ordinary unicorn, but the queen of unicorns - a demigod that had lived for millennia.

Yes, this was a demigod unicorn who had been helping the Silver Moon Goddess for the past thousands of years.

The Goddess did not permit anyone to become a demigod because she could not trust anyone, but she trusted this unicorn as it was one of the non-elven creatures that belonged to the gods of nature.

“Lord Dragon God, to be honest, I prefer the quietness of the Forest of the Moon and the serenity of the Silver Moon Kingdom.”

This unicorn was very lively and talkative. She had no intentions of flattering Louie and spoke the truth, “But Selune thought that I shouldn’t just stay in the Forest of the Moon as that would be bad for me. She told me to go and see the world. That’s what brought me to your Dragon City.”

Unicorns were a group of distrustful creatures. They would always roam outside of the influence of people and were always wary of everything, but unicorns would show a faithful friendship as long as they recognized a person and trusted them. As long as the other party did not betray, they would never betray their friends.

Thanks to the Silver Moon Goddess, Lara also trusted Louie. Thus, she permitted Louie to approach her and talk with him like a sincere young girl.

“Do you know why you’re called Lara?”

Louie looked at the beautiful white hair of the Unicorn Queen in front of him and could not resist reaching out and caressing her back.

In the eyes of human-like creatures, a human caressing a horse was a common thing, but in the eyes of a dragon, Louie’s behavior was the same as touching a girl’s body with his hands.

Lara’s four hooves chopped uneasily a few times. Her head tilted to the side as if to convey her nervousness and shyness.

“Her Highness Selune told me that Lara was the name of the previous Unicorn God.”

This Unicorn Queen was one of the few creatures who knew of the Silver Moon Goddess’ true identity. After a short pause, she used her joyful and shy voice to say, “Lord Dragon God, Do you want to ride on me and go for a stroll? I have only ever let her Highness Selune ride on me, but if it were you, I would be willing to do the same.”

Lara rubbed her face against Louie affectionately and let out a pleasant laugh.

“Of course, I’m willing to ‘ride’ on your body.”

Louie chuckled. He deliberately emphasized the word ride. Regardless of whether the pure and beautiful Unicron Queen understood what he meant, Louie continued, “Her Highness Selune gave you this name, hoping that you could become the new Unicorn God. As a friend, you can call me by my first name.”

“Yes, Your Highness Louie. Friends should call each other by their first names to be more affectionate. I thought that dragons are hateful creatures. I have seen many green dragons inside the Forest of the Moon and they always carried malicious intent. Of course, I’m not talking about you. You are a wise and likable dragon.”

The Unicorn Queen spoke in a light and lively tone. Although she had lived for thousands of years, she had the mind of a teenage girl. Perhaps this was the true nature of unicorns. They did not know sadness and only joy and happiness.

A powerful existence would always be born within races with small populations and no deity presiding over them. This existence would be able to easily become the race’s racial god. And this unicorn in front was one of them.

Compared to other powerhouses becoming a god, Lara would be able to easily become the Unicorn God.

However, this kind of scarce race was not strong. Even if Lara became a god, she would at most be a weak god. However, unicorns belonged to the gods of nature, so she could not join other gods and she could only become the subordinate god of the Silver Moon Goddess. For a god who was part of a system, having more subordinate gods who did not influence their faith was better. Even if it was a weak god, it was still a god.

Because unicorns were a solitary group, Lara would not need to fight with the Silver Moon Goddess for believers.

The Unicorn Queen happily bent her neck, indicating Louie to ride her back.

Louie did not do as he was told and shook his head, “Please wait a moment, Lara. I have a guest that I must meet.”

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“Should I go back?”

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“No, you can stay by my side.”

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Written by 青之月; Green Moon. Translated by DemonKingOf6thHeaven.