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ITDO - Chapter 263 - Searching For Dragons

“Mage, I watched your recording stone. That bitch who gave up the glory of dragons… Where is she!!!”

The red dragon named Antetokounmpo let out a heaven-shattering roar that echoed in the snow-covered world, shaking the snowy mountains and causing avalanches.

Eden was inwardly happy, but he remained calm on the surface. As expected, that recording stone was indeed the key to summoning this dragon.

Dragons were sinister and cunning, but they were also extremely concerned with the glory of their race. Individuals like Noella who gave up on her true body and became a shadow dragon were extremely disgraceful to them. She was simply a stain on their glory, and every dragon would do their best to remove it.

After the red dragon finished speaking, it looked at the materials that Eden had prepared. Its talons raked in gems, gold, and jewels towards itself and scoffed, “You really are a poor mage to try summoning me with this amount of wealth. If I wasn’t in a good mood I wouldn’t even have bothered to answer.”

The corner of Eden’s mouth twitched as he sighed, “If you don’t like them, then why did you have to take them all.”

However, Eden knew what the dragon was truly thinking. He suppressed his inner disgust and continued to smile, Lord Antetokounmpo, there is a city fifty kilometers away called Dragon City, and inside is a dragon who calls himself the Dragon God. He took over the city and renamed it Dragon City and plundered countless treasures.”

“Dragon God? No, us mighty dragons don’t need a god, even more so, a Dragon God. Even if a true god appears in front of a dragon, we will tear it apart and eat its flesh and blood.”

Hearing Eden’s words, the red dragon was furious. It carefully collected its ‘offerings’ and unfurled its wings without saying anything more. It shot towards the direction Eden pointed out without even confirming the information or whether there were any traps.

Watching the red dragon fly away, Eden was flabbergasted. He had prepared a lot more to incite it to attack Dragon City, but he did not expect that the dragon would be furious with just a few words.

“Dragons are really a group of fools. No, to be more accurate, adult dragons and prime dragons are all fools who are obsessed with their own power and have no brain.”

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“The lord of Dragon City is truly different from other dragons. Even if it was a primordial dragon, its intelligence is incredible. Even the gods are vigilant of him.”

“This prime dragon should have been asleep before, so it doesn’t know the current events on the continent. It probably still thinks that nothing has changed on the continent.”

Eden muttered and mocked. As a legendary rank mage, he understood the general characteristics of the dragon race and knew that they would sleep for many years. This amount of time already caused many changes to the human race, let alone other races. Thus, many dragons would wake up without knowing about the situation in the world.

This red dragon was a typical member of its race, otherwise, if it knew that the Dragon God in Dragon City was the real deal, no matter how arrogant it was or stupid it was, it wouldn’t go over and seek death.

“Because of the advantages of their race, dragons had forgotten the greatness of the gods. If they do not change their minds, they will receive a heavy wake-up call once the next era arrives. They might even go extinct, but I could indeed make use of this situation.”

Because the gods were absent, dragons had remained on top of the food chain for thirty thousand years. They had gotten used to their current life and had no enemies thanks to their physical advantages. As they grew increasingly arrogant, they gained increasing disdain for the gods.

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If they continued to hold such ideas, once the churches of various gods stabilized in the main continent, they would become the target of their hunts. Although dragons were strong, that was only compared to mortal races, in front of gods, dragons were only prey that could strengthen their pantheon’s influence.

“The situation here should be revealed by a few of my dragon acquaintances. This will cause the dragons to resist the gods' rule. Since the goddess wants to target the demigod and prevent him from developing too fast, then she is tampering with its divine authority is the best way.”

Although targeting a demigod who was about to become a true god gave Eden a vague sense of unease, this was the Goddess’ order, so he had to comply with it.

After giving one last deep look at the red dragon flying towards Dragon City, Eden quickly left the place. He knew that it was impossible for the red dragon to cause any significant damage to the city, but the red dragon was a bait that could be used to test the Dragon God’s church. If it died there, then it would benefit Eden’s next move.


Although fifty kilometers away was still within Louie’s divine authority, it was at the very edge of it, causing his awareness of the area to be blurry, but after Eden used a legendary spell, Louie was able to accurately determine his location and monitor it.

Louie did not care much about the red dragon and even sent three legendary powerhouses toward it. Just Noella alone would be enough to deal with the red dragon. Even if she had lost a large portion of her power, she was still a legendary rank powerhouse that was capable of beating a simple prime dragon. With the newly ranked up paladin and veteran ranger to help her, the results were imaginable.

Seeing Eden leave, Louie thought for a bit and decided not to make him stay.

“Go, take all this information to the dragons. Let the dragons know that there is a city in the southern part of San Soliel Mountain Range called Dragon City, that there is a dragon inside that calls himself the Dragon God.”

Louie lay on top of the mountain of gold and let out a malicious smile.

The information networks of the dragons had always lagged behind others because of their natural indolence and long life spans.

Dragons would sleep in their lairs for long periods of time and the majority of them did not go out much. When they finally gained information, the events would have long passed.

Louie’s main divine authority was that of a dragon. Thus, he needed dragons to believe in him. Before this, Louie had already planned on a journey to find dragons, but he did not expect that someone would help him like this.

“Instead of letting me find you one by one, having someone inform all of you to make you find me is better.”

Louie was not a natural resident of San Soliel, so he did not know where the powerful dragons were. With the main continent too large, finding those powerful dragons would be very troublesome. It was better to let the dragons come with hate directly to Louie’s doors.

This legendary mage had lived for at least a few hundred years, so he definitely knew the location of powerful dragons.

Louie did not need all dragons to believe in him, but he needed at least half of them to become his believers. That way, the divine authority of dragons would live up to its name and allow him to display its power.

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