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RSSGSS - Chapter 158 - Differences Between Parties?

When Shi Feng's party started approaching the Dark Titan, the Tower Alliance's members noticed their actions.

"Are they planning to fight the Dark Titan?"

A look of shock appeared on Maria's face as she looked at Shi Feng's party. While it was true Shi Feng's party no longer had to worry about level suppression since they had already increased their levels, the Dark Titan couldn't be compared using the Gargoyle Guards.

The labyrinth's mental oppression existed even in the Boss area, so none of them could exhibit their usual combat standards.

Maria could only tank the Dark Titan because she was a Demidragon and possessed a Fragmented Legendary Shield that reduced all damage she received from attacks under the Tier 5 standard by 60%. Even then, she would still lose one-third of her HP from just one of the Dark Titan's punches.

Meanwhile, from what Maria could tell, Rain Song, the only MT in Shi Feng's party, was only geared in Epic Weapons and Equipment. She wasn't playing as a rare race or higher lifeform, either. With such circumstances, Rain Song would probably disappear from just one punch.

"They might be thinking that since we can safely retreat from the Dark Titan, they can probably give it a try as well," Blood Hammer said, laughing when he saw Crimson Heart and the others charging at the Dark Titan. "This is good. It'll save us the trouble of worrying about their interference when we are fighting the Boss. Once they get teamwiped here, it'll take them a few more days before they can come back here."

Previously, Blood Hammer had been worried that Shi Feng's party would try to sneak in some attacks and increase their contributions while their party was keeping the Dark Titan busy. Meanwhile, this was not an outcome the Tower Alliance wished to see.

However, so long as Shi Feng's party died here, they'd have to spend the next few days making their way back to the fifth underground floor.

"We need to come up with an effective strategy quickly. Our food and potions are limited, so we can't afford to waste too much time with the Dark Titan," the elven man said, returning everyone's attention to the problem at hand. "With the Grandmaster Mana Recovery Potions I have left, we can make, at most, ten more attempts. If we can't beat the Dark Titan in ten attempts, I'll need to head back to restock my potions."

Upon hearing the elven man's words, the other five players in the party couldn't help but feel a little pressured.

The elven man contributed 40% of their party's damage against the Dark Titan by virtue of his Dark Elf race resonating with the Sealing Labyrinth's environment. If they lost the elven man's damage contribution, raiding the Dark Titan would become impossible.

While the Tower Alliance's members were discussing their raid strategy, Shi Feng's party had already arrived before the Dark Titan.

The twenty-meter-tall Dark Titan was like a six-story building. Even without wielding any weapons, it could already cover a huge range with its arms and legs. Unless players were capable of moving up to thirty yards in the blink of an eye, there was no way they could dodge an attack from the Dark Titan.

When Shi Feng, who moved at the forefront of the party, entered the Dark Titan's attack range, the Dark Titan sent a punch flying at him without hesitation. The Dark Titan's punch caused even the surrounding space to crack and stagnate, making it incredibly challenging for players to move around in this space.

"He's charging at the forefront even though he isn't an MT? Is he looking to die?" Maria's eyes widened in shock when she saw Shi Feng's actions.

Shi Feng was a Swordsman. Yet, rather than trying to assist in dealing damage from the side, he was the first to charge into battle. Seeing this situation, Maria couldn't help but suspect that Shi Feng had wrongly chosen his class.

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However, just as the Dark Titan's fist was about to reach Shi Feng, a ripple of energy suddenly spread across the battlefield and enveloped the Dark Titan, causing the Dark Titan's movements to slow down significantly.

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"Space Freezing?!" When the elven man saw the Dark Titan's movements showing visible signs of slowing down, he promptly noticed the cause. Then, he turned to look at Gentle Snow, shock and confusion on his face as he muttered, "How can she use a Mana Domain while under such powerful mental oppression?"

The elven man was also an expert capable of casting a Mana Domain at Tier 3. However, when subjected to the labyrinth's mental oppression, he felt as if needles were constantly pricking his brain. Under such a situation, he couldn't even calmly manipulate his Mana, let alone form a Mana Domain.

Before the elven man could get over his shock, something even more shocking took place on the battlefield.

Even after Gentle Snow had inhibited the Dark Titan's movements with her Mana Domain, Shi Feng showed no intentions of dodging the Dark Titan's attack. Instead, he created a spatial tear as he swung the Winter of Eternal Night at the Dark Titan's fist.

Sword's Transmigration!


A loud explosion resonated throughout the spacious hall as fist and sword collided. The shockwaves of the impact also caused cracks to appear in the surrounding space.

"He blocked it?"

Maria's eyes were filled with disbelief when she saw Shi Feng holding his ground against the Dark Titan's attack. Although the floor under him had cracked and shattered, he had only lost one-fifth of his HP from the attack. He was even more of an MT than an MT like herself.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng's HP dropped, Still Moon, the Cleric, promptly cast a Healing Spell and healed his HP back to full.

As expected of a Titan. It truly does have astounding Strength. The power of its punches is definitely at the Tier 4 Peak standard already, Shi Feng thought. Then, when he saw the Dark Titan swinging its other fist at him, he promptly switched to wielding his sword with both hands above his head.

First Sword, Lightshadow!

Suddenly, the phantom of a gigantic greatsword appeared above Shi Feng. Then, this greatsword descended and smashed into the Dark Titan's fist.


The sound of the explosion was much more resonant this time. The impact had even caused a storm to brew within the underground hall. Even Maria and the others, who sat over a thousand yards away, could feel the impact's shockwaves.

Meanwhile, unlike the previous exchange, not only did Shi Feng not take any damage this time, but he had also managed to rebuff the Dark Titan's fist, the Mythic monster's entire arm thrown backward. The Dark Titan had even lost its footing for a moment, being forced to take half a step back before it managed to stabilize its body.


A damage value exceeding over a million appeared above the Dark Titan's head.

Although this couldn't be considered a significant amount of damage, the eyes of the Tower Alliance's members nearly fell out of their sockets when they saw this outcome.


"He managed to repulse the Dark Titan's attack? How strong is that attack of his?"

"The Dark Titan's attacks are at the Tier 4 Peak standard on average. Seeing as he managed to not only repulse the Dark Titan's attack but also damage it, his attack must be very close to the Tier 5 standard already."

"Tier 5?! Wasn't their God's Domain supposed to be one that only appeared recently?!"

The Tower Alliance's members couldn't help but be shocked and confused as they looked at Shi Feng.

Logically, even a Tier 3 player wielding a Fragmented Legendary Weapon couldn't exhibit power nearing the Tier 5 standard. The only possibility a Tier 3 player could execute such a feat was if they wielded a Legendary Weapon. However, that clearly wasn't possible.

"Graysword, you're a Swordsman as well. Can you tell what floor he is on?" Maria asked as she looked at the Half-Demonkin, who wielded a gray greatsword, sitting next to her.

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
(These are the Divine Artifacts in the War God's Temple's possession. They were previously mentioned in Chapter 298 of the main story.)
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
-Thanks to Walter for pointing this point.

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