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ITDO - Chapter 259 - The Father and Daughter Together on the Battlefield

In the magnificent hall inside the palace, Louie was once again in his dragon body and lying on a huge mountain of gold. After Roselia had made an oath, the Goddess of Morning who used her body as a medium returned. As for where she had gone, Louie did not know.

The Silver Moon Goddess, in order to survive, had chosen a much more dangerous path than the other gods. As a result, she did not know the current situation of the other gods. She did not know where their true bodies were. The only thing she could ascertain was that their true bodies were not in their divine kingdoms because those had already fallen to ruin.

After the Goddess of Morning left, Louie brought Roselia back to Dragon City and let her report to his church. With Clooney’s wisdom, he should understand how to make full use of this paladin’s strength and help the church.

On the other hand, Louie returned to his palace and pondered on a few things.

‘These are the things that I need to do once I return to Earth. The most important thing is the people’s faith in me. As for the energy sources that I was once worried about, there is already no need to rush to them. I even need to slow down and maybe find fakes.’

Louie inwardly muttered to himself. He only dared to think about these things and did not dare say it out loud, because he was still in one body with the Intelligent Brain. It would definitely hear his words.

On the other hand, a god’s mental barriers were very powerful. Louie believed that even the Terran Civilization could not peer into the mind of the gods, or else the intelligent brain would never let him go after knowing his secrets. It would definitely make a move to eliminate him.

Since it did not respond, this meant that it couldn’t read his mind. Naturally, it was also possible that the intelligent brain could read his mind, but did not have any malice towards him and was truly in service to him. If that was the case, then it would be a happy ending.

“These gods of the world of San Soliel are truly problematic. It’s no wonder that the Terran Civilization found dealing with them tricky.”

Louie thought with a headache. Just like what happened just now, only the will of the Goddess of Morning appeared. Even if he dealt with her in that state, there would be no point. And even if the Goddess of Morning descended on the mortal world, it would just be her incarnation. Killing the incarnation would not affect the main body at all.

Although gods could fall, killing them was too difficult. Louie had no interest in fighting against the Goddess of Morning to death. Her divine authority was also incompatible with his, so there were no benefits in doing so. He was not willing to become the God of Justice, so it would be better to use that strength to deal with the Goddess of Magic.

“Speaking about the Goddess of Magic, I…”

Louie shook his head and quickly rid himself of the thought. His gold-colored dragon pupils flashed and once again activated his authority over Dragon City to observe its interiors.

With his divine authority over the territory, Louie could grasp its every corner. Thus, Louie had already locked on to the powerhouses that were in his city, for example, the legendary mage named Eden.

Louie had already known that Eden was a believer of the Goddess of Magic. Moreover, he knew from Marches that he was a member of the famous group of mages - the Secret Council of Magic. Louie did not want to alarm him. Since he was related to the Goddess of Magic, he might be able to make use of him to find the Goddess’ secrets.

As a god, Louie was already on a different plane of existence compared to these mortals. Although Louie was indeed very young, he was already the senior in front of mortals. Gods required face, they loved it even. Gods bullying mortals was too shameful. It would lead to people’s dislike as well as aversion from the believers.

Generally speaking, unless a person completely angered a god, gods disdained directly making a move on them. Gods would only let the people of their church and their believers solve things.

A mortal would eventually die of old age. This was only a blip in time for the gods. In addition, some grumpy gods would not pay attention to mortals.

“Well, this mage named Eden is very smart. After investigating the information he needed, he did not kill anyone.”

Louie easily retraced the events of the past with the power of his divine authority. Louie was able to see and review everything that Eden did inside the territory.

Louie had long known that knowledge that he possessed the ‘foundational magic potion’ in large amounts would soon spread. The fact that he had trained a large number of low-ranked mages could never be hidden as they appeared in Dragon City every day, so he did not hide anything and revealed it boldly.

“The mage actually left just like that?”

At the end of the scene, the legendary mage left Dragon City in a hurry which made Louie feel a bit of regret.

Louie was tempted to ask someone to follow him, but as he thought about it, no one would be able to do so, not even Lysfer.

As for Sisna, Louie was afraid that she would have a problem tracking the target. Louie already knew of Sisna’s true identity. She was a creation of the Silver Moon Goddess and their unborn child’s sister. Moreover, she was the trump card of the Silver Moon Goddess to resurrect herself. Louie felt a bit awkward if he let her face danger.

In the end, Louie was still a new god. He did not have any strong powerhouses under him. As for doing it himself, he felt that it was a bit shameful.

“But other gods have many strong people that they could use…”

Louie comforted himself.

“Just wait until my daughter is born. She will be born a demigod. In this current era, demigods are absolute powerhouses, and then us father and daughter can charge into the battlefield together.”

Louie now began to think about his own daughter. If her future daughter knew about this, it was certain that she would be depressed to have such a father.

“It’s a pity. If only I had enough divinity to squander, I would continue having children with Her Highness Selune. I might even be able to form a soccer team.

Louie regretted it in his heart.


Fifty kilometers away from Dragon City, Eden came out of a portal. He did not leave Dragon City after obtaining information just as Louie had thought. He took out a pile of spellcasting materials from his pocket space and prepared to release a legendary rank spell.

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