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RSSGSS - Chapter 157 - Two Worlds' Parties

"Ten million points?"

Gentle Snow was astonished when she heard Shi Feng's offer. She didn't think that the dark-gold crystal would be worth as much as the Ancient God's Blood.

While she didn't know what "invincible among those of the same tier" meant exactly, she had personally experienced the Ancient God's Blood's powerful effects. The Ancient God's Blood might not have given her any additional Basic Attributes, but the improvements it did provide had allowed her to achieve a qualitative leap in strength. These changes would also be very useful when she tried to ascend to higher tiers in the future.

At this time, Gentle Snow suddenly realized why Shi Feng had demanded all of the loot inside the Sealing Labyrinth. Evidently, Shi Feng had done so for the Advanced Lineage Crystals.

The Ancient God's Blood was an item that assisted players in ascending to higher tiers, while the Advanced Lineage Crystal granted players unparalleled strength among those of the same tier. If a player could get their hands on both of these items, they'd gain an unimaginable advantage over other players.

So long as Zero Wing was given enough time, Gentle Snow was certain Zero Wing would grow into a behemoth that would overshadow even the Five Great Super Guilds.

After Shi Feng's party rested for a moment, they continued progressing deeper into the labyrinth.

The Sealing Labyrinth was massive, and the first floor alone was already one-third the size of a standard grinding map. Fortunately, all Shi Feng's party needed to do was head to the center; they didn't have to explore the entire floor.

Even so, Shi Feng's party had still taken over half a day to clear the labyrinth's first underground floor.

Meanwhile, during this half a day, Gentle Snow and Hundred Flower Palace's members saw a significant improvement in their combat technique proficiency and levels. Gentle Snow had reached Level 105, while Crimson Heart and the others reached Level 106. They could kill the Gargoyle Guards with much greater efficiency thanks to this improvement.

However, with each subsequent floor the party progressed, Crimson Heart and the others also grew increasingly anxious. After all, unlike their party, the Tower Alliance's party had progressed through the labyrinth without killing any monsters. At the rate their two parties progressed, there was a high chance that the Tower Alliance's party would've already cleared the labyrinth when they reached the fifth floor…

After four days of constant fighting, Shi Feng's party finally reached the Sealing Labyrinth's fifth floor. Meanwhile, Crimson Heart and the others no longer panicked as soon as they arrived. After all, the labyrinth remained unconquered even though they had already reached the fifth floor. This meant that the Tower Alliance's party was still having trouble clearing it. Evidently, the labyrinth's difficulty was much greater than they imagined.

Since that was the case, they might as well listen to Shi Feng's commands and focus on increasing their levels and combat technique proficiency.

Their party had made significant improvements during these past four days. In addition to all of them reaching Level 109, they had also made significant improvements in their proficiency in the Realms of Truth.

Crimson Heart, for example, had already reached the Ascension Realm, which was the second stage of the Realms of Truth. It was also the standard that Blood Hammer and the other Tower Alliance members were at. She was only slightly inferior to them due to her lacking experience. Even so, she was already capable of incorporating advanced combat techniques into her every move.

However, out of the five of them, the person who made the most improvements in the Realms of Truth was undoubtedly Gentle Snow. She had entered the Sealing Labyrinth with only a little knowledge of the Realms of Truth. Now, though, she had already set foot into the Truth Realm. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she was monstrously talented.

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Of course, aside from Gentle Snow, Crimson Heart, and the others, Shi Feng had also acquired a significant harvest during these past four days. Firstly, he had already reached Level 110 and remained stuck there due to the Sealing Labyrinth's restriction. Secondly, he had acquired four Advanced Lineage Crystals and 182 normal Lineage Crystals from all the Gargoyle Guards they killed.

One could say that Shi Feng had thoroughly capitalized on the pioneering benefits of this Sealing Labyrinth.

The only unfortunate part was that there were hardly any monsters on the Sealing Labyrinth's fifth underground floor. They would come across a group of 200-plus Level 112 Gargoyle Guards from time to time. At this point, a group of this size could no longer threaten Shi Feng's party of six.

After wandering on the fifth underground floor for around six hours, Shi Feng's party arrived at the heart of the fifth floor. It was also the location where the Gate of Crossing was located.

The Gate of Crossing was a fifty-meter-tall spatial fissure shrouded in darkness. Currently, though, the fissure was thoroughly sealed by golden runes.

Meanwhile, a short distance away from the spatial fissure, the Tower Alliance's party could be seen fighting against a twenty-meter-tall, pitch-black metal giant.

"A Titan?"

Rain Song was dumbfounded when she saw the metal giant.

If Dragons were known as the symbol of destruction in God's Domain, then Titans would be considered the symbol of strength. Similar to the Dragon race, the Titan race was one of the apex races in God's Domain, and they were known to be invincible among those of the same tier. They were also the worst nightmare for players.

Titans were monsters that resembled NPCs the most. In addition to being extremely intelligent, they also wielded Super-Ancient Spells that NPCs of the same tier couldn't wield.

If players in God's Domain were given a choice, they'd rather face a Dragon of the same tier than a Titan.

"No, that's not a Titan," Crimson Heart said as she observed the Tower Alliance's fight with the metal giant. "The metal giant is clearly a Tier 4 Mythic monster. Even if the Tower Alliance's members are monsters in their own right, there is no way they stand a chance against a Tier 4 Titan."

"That's right. That giant isn't a Titan," Shi Feng said, nodding in agreement with Crimson Heart as he observed the metal giant fight. "It should be a dead Titan that has been turned into a puppet. However, while its combat standard might not come close to a living Titan, its Basic Attributes should be no different than an actual Tier 4 Titan. It should also lack the ability to use Super-Ancient Spells.

[Dark Titan] (Mythic)

Level 112

HP 15,000,000,000

If a Tier 4 Titan appeared in a Sealing Labyrinth that only allowed up to Level 110 players to enter, the Ancient God that created the Dragonfall Secret Land had definitely created the secret land with ill intentions. The Ancient God definitely did not intend for players to clear the secret land.

After all, under normal circumstances, even a team of 100 Tier 4 experts had little to no chances of beating one Tier 4 Titan. Challenging a Tier 4 Titan at Tier 3 was simply an absurd notion. Ancient Gods were probably the only existences capable of accomplishing such a feat.

At the same time as Shi Feng's party arrived at the labyrinth's heart, Blood Hammer and the others also noticed their arrival.

"How did they get here?"

A hint of surprise appeared in the Demidragon woman's eyes when she glanced at Shi Feng's party. They hadn't killed a single Gargoyle Guard on their way here, and they had done so with the express purpose of hindering Shi Feng's party's progression. After all, Shi Feng's party did not possess the strength to go up against the Gargoyle Guards. Meanwhile, if Shi Feng's party couldn't reach the Guardian Boss, the Tower Alliance would be able to monopolize 90% of the entry slots for the Stratified Abyssal Realm.

Yet, now, Shi Feng's party had appeared at the Guardian Boss's location. Moreover, all six of them looked alive and healthy.

"It seems we've underestimated them a little," Blood Hammer said as he glanced at Crimson Heart and the others. Then, in a contemptuous tone, he continued, "But it doesn't matter even if they managed to reach this place. There's no way they can deal with this Dark Titan. The only thing they can do is watch us fight it."

Even in the Tower Alliance's party, the only person capable of tanking the Dark Titan was Maria, the Demidragon woman. The Dark Titan's Basic Attributes were simply too much for most Tier 3 players to handle. In terms of Basic Attributes, it was definitely on par with Superior Mythic monsters of the same level. Only Maria, who wielded a Fragmented Legendary Shield and possessed Strength surpassing the average Tier 4 player, could receive the Dark Titan's attacks and survive.

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If any other Tier 3 MT were to try and tank the Dark Titan's attacks, they would die in one move.

"Ignore them! We need to break away from the fight quickly!" Maria said, her voice sounding a little hurried. "We've only shaved away 20% of the Boss's HP, yet we've already expended over half of our Stamina and Concentration! We need to think of a better solution to raid this Boss!"

Upon hearing Maria's words, Blood Hammer and the others couldn't help but look at the Dark Titan in frustration.

The Dark Titan simply had too much HP.

Their party had already reached the Guardian Boss on their second day inside the Sealing Labyrinth. Afterward, they had constantly been coming up with strategies to raid the Dark Titan. However, even until now, their most successful attempt only saw them shaving off 30% of the Dark Titan's HP. Moreover, they had nearly exhausted themselves and gotten teamwiped on that attempt.

Subsequently, Blood Hammer and the others quickly withdrew from the Dark Titan's sphere of activity. Then, once the Dark Titan had stopped chasing them, they sat down and started resting.

There was no foreign energy inside the Sealing Labyrinth, so they didn't have to concern themselves with their bodies being corroded. Moreover, Stamina and Concentration recovery rates were seemingly boosted here. So long as they remained outside of combat and ate some food, they could quickly recover to their peak conditions. This had also made raiding the Boss significantly easier.

"They seem to have given up, Guild Leader," Gentle Snow said, a surprised look appearing on her face when she saw the Tower Alliance's party resting in the distance.

Based on the fight's progression, she could tell that it was only a matter of time before the Tower Alliance's party defeated the Dark Titan. Yet, the Tower Alliance's party had suddenly given up on the raid.

"Since they are stopping, we'll take their place," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "You'll use your Mana Domain, Snow, while Rain Song and I will distract the Boss. Crimson Heart and Cleansed Rue, you two look for opportunities to strike."

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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