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RSSGSS - Chapter 153 - Outerworld's Strength?

Dragonfall Secret Land, Sealing Labyrinth:

The Sealing Labyrinth was like a gigantic underground maze, and the entrance to this maze was closed off by a set of majestic stone doors.

Currently, two dozen players were gathered in front of these doors, and every one of these players radiated an aura that would cause even Refinement Realm experts to tremble. This was because even the weakest one of these players was a Void Realm expert. If these two dozen players operated as one group, even the various superpowers of God's Domain would have to be wary of them.

Currently, these two dozen players were split into two separate teams. Of the two teams, the one that stood out the most would have to be the team standing before Hundred Flower Palace's team. Every player in this team had already reached Level 110, which was the maximum level limit of the Dragonfall Secret Land.

However, what was shocking about these players wasn't their levels. Instead, it was their equipment standard.

If one inspected them using an Advanced Identification Skill, one would find that half of these people were equipped with one or two Fragmented Legendary items. Some of them even wielded Fragmented Legendary Weapons. As for the others, even the weakest among them wielded a Magic Weapon that rivaled Fragmented Legendary Weapons.

In contrast, even the strongest player on Hundred Flower Palace's team was only at Level 105 and fully equipped with Epic items.

"Just what is the Guild Leader thinking? Why did he agree to partner with such a small Guild?" a short and muscular middle-aged man with a big beard said discontentedly as he looked at Hundred Flower Palace's team. "Our Tower Alliance can still lift the seal even without the other half of the key. It's only a matter of time."

"It can't be helped. We might be able to break the seal by ourselves, but it'll cost us too much to do so. We already had to resort to borrowing some resources from other Guilds to let us revert to Level 110, Tier 3," a Demidragon woman with a large tail said, sighing. "If we try to send any more people here, we'll run the risk of exposing the Stratified Abyssal Realm to the other powers. So, our best bet right now is to partner with Hundred Flower Palace. Although they are indeed a little weak, they are still more or less useful."

"I heard that a Miniature Ancient World appeared in their God's Domain, and that Miniature Ancient World requires them to restart their progress from Level 100. That would explain why their level and equipment are so inferior," an elven man said as he looked at Hundred Flower Palace's beautiful members. Then, he smiled and continued, "It's funny how they think they are doing a good job hiding their origins. I'm guessing that their God's Domain should have only appeared recently. I can't believe they don't have even one demihuman species among them."

Many players in God's Domain sought to convert to a demihuman race. This was because demihumans possessed talent and combat power surpassing humans.

The only problem with playing as a demihuman was the greater difficulty of getting promoted to a higher tier. However, under the same tier, the raw strength of demihumans far surpassed that of humans.

The typical God's Domain would see at least one-third of its player population playing as a demihuman. Some of the stronger God's Domains would even have two-thirds of its player population playing as demihumans.

Yet, out of the dozen members Hundred Flower Palace had sent here, not even one was a demihuman. This was a very strange situation.

The only explanation for this situation was that Hundred Flower Palace came from a God's Domain that had appeared only recently. Moreover, it was a God's Domain that had yet to come into contact with the Greater God's Domain. Hence, it had very few Demihuman Legacies.

"Isn't that obvious? Just by looking at their combat standards and the way they use their strength, you can tell that their God's Domain has only opened recently," the middle-aged dwarven man said. "These primitive people don't even know that we can tell the strength of their God's Domain simply by looking at their combat standards."

"That's right. What's even funnier is that they are under the belief that they can perform well later in the Sealing Labyrinth," the Demidragon woman said. "They have no idea that even if we lowered our equipment standard to match theirs, they still wouldn't be able to contribute half as much as us."

The difference in race was only one small difference between the various worlds of God's Domain.

What truly separated the various God's Domains was their ability to make use of their strength. Meanwhile, when it came to this aspect, Hundred Flower Palace's members were no different than cavemen. They had no idea how to use the raw strength they had developed at all.

It was akin to someone having a mountain of treasure but having no idea how to use these treasures to enrich themselves.

"We've made a severe miscalculation this time," Crimson Heart, the First Vice Guild Leader of Hundred Flower Palace, said, a hint of helplessness appearing in her eyes when she looked at the Tower Alliance's members. "Even with Black Flame's help, I doubt we can achieve a good performance inside the Sealing Labyrinth."

Previously, Crimson Heart had more or less expected the Tower Alliance to be a powerful Guild. However, after seeing the experts the Tower Alliance sent, she realized that she had severely underestimated the strength of Outerworld players.

Even though the experts of both sides had similar combat standards, Crimson Heart could tell that there was a stark difference in quality between their experts. It was especially true for the six players representing the Tower Alliance in the upcoming raid. In addition to all six being Domain Realm experts, Crimson Heart suspected that they were also Tier 6 God-ranked experts.

The reason she thought so was because she had only ever felt such a feeling of powerlessness when standing before a Tier 6 God-ranked expert. Meanwhile, all six of the Tower Alliance's Domain Realm experts gave her such a feeling…

If it were up to their God's Domain, only the Five Great Super Guilds would have the courage to send six God-ranked experts into a secret land with a level limit of 110. Moreover, it'd require all five of them working together to form such a party.

Cleansed Rue also nodded in agreement with Crimson Heart's words.

Although their two teams had yet to clash, the intuition she had developed over her long years of combat told her that all six of the Tower Alliance's representatives were monsters. Even if their Guild Leader came along with them, it was unlikely that they could match the Tower Alliance's team's performance inside the Sealing Labyrinth. They'd be fortunate if the Main God System would even deem their efforts worth 30% of the raid contributions.

While Hundred Flower Palace's members were feeling helpless, two figures appeared at the teleportation area a short distance away.

"Have all their members finally arrived?" the middle-aged dwarven man said as he picked up his Fragmented Legendary Hammer from the ground. Then, when he took a closer look at the two new arrivals, a look of surprise appeared on his face as he said, "One of them is quite high-leveled, but what is up with the Level 103 one? Is she here to make up the numbers?"

The monsters inside the Sealing Labyrinth were about Level 110, so players would have to be at Level 105 to fight the monsters effectively. So, having a Level 103 player come here didn't make sense.

It should be known that the difficulty rating of monsters would increase by a rank if there was more than a five-level gap. Rather than recruiting a Level 103 expert with superior combat standards, it'd be much better to recruit a Level 105 player with slightly inferior combat standards.

After all, battles with monsters were different from battles with other players. While combat standards were important, damage output was also very important.

At this moment, the Tower Alliance's members weren't the only ones surprised by this situation. Hundred Flower Palace's members were similarly stunned.

"The Snow Goddess?"

"Didn't she disappear from God's Domain long ago?"

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