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ITDO - Chapter 252 - The Future ‘Magic Network’

In Louie’s palace, Noella remained lying on the ground in boredom. Her pupils stared ahead without blinking while she occasionally swallowed her saliva.

At the moment she was gazing at a real mountain of gold. Gems and all kinds of shiny rare metals filled the palace to such an extent that even her original body would have looked tiny in comparison.

This gold mountain was all part of Louie’s collection. With The rapid development of Dragon City’s economy, Louie’s treasures kept on increasing. Now, his wealth and treasures definitely ranked at the top among dragons.

How could another dragon’s method of collecting treasures ever beat Louie’s capitalist methods? With the power of gambling and other evil methods, he would be able to take all the wealth from the rich and nobles.

“Ah, how wonderful would it be if these treasures were mine.”

Noella’s eyes glowed red and greedily looked at these treasures. Although these did not belong to her, she still watched them attentively. Noella felt happy as her dragon tail wagged like a dog.

Although Louie liked collecting treasures, he did not have the same twisted possessiveness. When he was not in Dragon City, he allowed Noella to roll in his gold mountain, as a result, Noella also treated these treasures as her own. When she had nothing to do every day, she would lie there and stare at them, which could be considered as her helping Louie guard the treasures.

After staying in Dragon City for more than a year, the former Queen of Calamity found herself getting lazier and lazier, just like the lazy dragons she detested. Every day, she was well taken care of and ate things that even she, a dragon, thought were rare and delicious in the world. She felt that this was the food of the gods and this life was really beautiful.

With Louie’s divine aura getting stronger, she looked forward to the time he became one. Since she was deceived into signing a contract, Noella could only remain obedient, but she also had no idea how to escape. She’d rather wait for Louie to become a god and help her get her body back.

Although she didn’t say it on the surface, this proud dragon had already acknowledged Louie as the Dragon God.

“Eh? Did someone provoke the lord? How bold. How dare they do such a treacherous thing in Dragon City.”

Noella already felt a sense of belonging and began to think of herself as a member of Dragon City.

She thought about it and felt that as a diligent dragon, it was not good to stay there all day and night and grow mold. She was also curious about the one who dared provoke Louie, so she cheerfully left the great hall and flapped her wings.

Noella felt that she should defend the dignity of Dragon City and show her ability as a subordinate. Perhaps the lord would be happy with that and reward her in return.

“He’s about to become god, so he shouldn’t be too interested in treasures anymore, right?”

The Queen of Calamity thought. When she flew into the air, she did not immediately fly to where Louie was but circled the sky naughtily. When she felt the shock of the people below, she satisfied her ego and headed to her goal.

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Some of the people in the city had never seen Noella before, but no one paid it any mind. This place was named Dragon City, even if there were other dragons other than the city lord, it wasn’t that big of a deal. This thought made the people continue on with their business.


In a remote alley of Dragon City, a middle-aged man wearing a violet robe used a spell on a young man who was wearing a mage apprentice’s clothing.

As a legendary mage, it was easy for Eden to obtain information from a low-rank mage. After hesitating a bit, he removed the spell and made the mage apprentice forget everything that had happened and leave.

Although the number of mages in Dragon City was outrageous, every apprentice was recorded. If one or two go missing for some reason, it would definitely attract attention, and Eden didn’t want to be noticed yet.

“That demigod indeed has a lot of foundational magic potions.”

“The raw material of those magic potions is not the ‘Heart of Mismisella’ but a strange plant called ‘Louie’s essence’.”

“That demigod dragon found a substitute for the raw material of the foundational magic potion.”

Eden was shocked, muttering that if this news was passed to the entire mage community of San Soliel, it would cause a huge uproar.

The proliferation of such materials would greatly lower the threshold of entry for mages. If this became widespread, the status of mages will plummet. Even the lord of the city was just treating them as workers!

This was simply an insult to noble mages.

As a legendary mage, Eden had a rich amount of knowledge. He even knew that before the Era of Disaster, a ‘magic network’ existed in the world. Mages at that time were not rare as all kinds of low-ranking mages were very common.

At the same time, Eden also knew that even if the Goddess of Magic awakens, the magic network would not be established overnight. Leaving aside the amount of time the Goddess needed to recover her divine power, just recreating the magic network alone would take more than hundreds of years. In other words, there would be a flood of mages in the future, but that would be a long time to come.

Before the magic network was reestablished, he would remain as a noble mage and had the noblest identity. He could even use his identity to obtain a lot of materials to try and become a demigod in his lifetime.

However, if the materials of the low-ranking mages flood in, it would cause the era of the magic network to arrive.

People without the talent would be willing for that era to arrive, but those with talent were absolutely unwilling. That would decrease their power and prestige. This was the collision of different interest groups among mages.

“No matter what happens, the next era will be filled with danger. I must grasp all opportunities with my hands. I need to diligently work to become a demigod and at the same time cling to the legs of the Goddess of Magic tightly. I need to quickly establish the Goddess’ church.”

Eden immediately had this idea. Those that could become mages in this era were not idiots.

At this moment, a dragon suddenly appeared in the sky, causing Eden to look in confusion.

“Shadow dragon? Is that the thousand-year-old Queen of Calamity? She actually turned into a shadow dragon?”

Eden looked and an idea suddenly came to him.

“Blessed be the Goddess of Magic. Let your devotee test the lord of the city.”

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