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RSSGSS - Chapter 150 - Zero Wing Is a Little Strong

Shi Feng was incredibly familiar with Gentle Snow the Snow Goddess.

She was one of Zero Wing's Vice Guild Leaders during his previous life. She was also one of Zero Wing's earliest members to reach Tier 6. She had even reached the Beyond Domain Realm in terms of combat standards.

In short, she was one of Zero Wing's strongest combatants!

Originally, Shi Feng had thought of seeking out Gentle Snow in this timeline. However, Gentle Snow had long since disappeared from God's Domain in this timeline. Nobody knew why she had disappeared from God's Domain, either.

Gentle Snow was publicly recognized as an expert with the potential to reach Tier 6 and create all sorts of legendary feats in God's Domain. So, when she disappeared all of a sudden, many people found the situation a pity.

Shi Feng never thought he could meet Gentle Snow again in this life.

"Mr. Black Flame?"

Lin Yaoyue couldn't help but look at Shi Feng oddly when she saw the stunned look on his face.

It was true that Gentle Snow was as beautiful as a fairy. If she were to appear in public without hiding her appearance, she would mesmerize many people with her beauty. This was true for both men and women.

However, the charm of her beauty was only limited to ordinary people.

Lin Yaoyue did not believe that a Tier 6 God-ranked expert like Shi Feng would be fascinated by Gentle Snow's beauty and temperament. There was simply no way that could happen.

Lin Yaoyue was aware that Shi Feng had previously met with the Frostflame Goddess Cleansed Rue, and she was in no way inferior to Gentle Snow when it came to beauty and temperament. Yet, not only did Shi Feng not show any reaction to Cleansed Rue's beauty, but he had even caused Hundred Flower Palace and Nature Hall to suffer a huge loss without hesitation.

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While this information was a secret to most people, Mysterious Moon just so happened to be one of the Guilds that knew this secret.

"Sorry for keeping you two waiting," Shi Feng said, quickly recovering from his surprise. Then, he looked toward Gentle Snow and smiled as he explained, "I didn't expect you to bring the long-vanished Snow Goddess to me, Miss Lin. The various powers would probably be shocked if they learned of her return."

When Lin Yaoyue heard Shi Feng's words, realization dawned on her.

The Snow Goddess's disappearance from God's Domain had always remained a mystery. If those who knew about Gentle Snow learned that she had suddenly reappeared, they would most likely be surprised.

"You flatter me, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am merely someone who has been eliminated by time," Gentle Snow calmly said. "You, on the other hand, are someone who has truly shocked the various powers of God's Domain. Previously, the Five Great Super Guilds were probably the only powers in God's Domain capable of making World Dominators admit defeat. Now, though, one more had appeared."

"That's simply a decision World Dominators reached after weighing its chances against the various superpowers," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. He was well aware that the current Zero Wing lacked the strength to make World Dominators admit defeat. Subsequently, Shi Feng looked toward Lin Yaoyue and smiled, asking, "Since you came here, I believe you've decided to become an outer member of Zero Wing, right, Miss Lin?"

"That's right. In addition, I wish to invite Big Sis Snow to become an outer member as well," Lin Yaoyue said, nodding. "Although Big Sis Snow hasn't played God's Domain for many years already, I assure you that her combat standard has not deteriorated."

In reality, Lin Yaoyue had been a little apprehensive in inviting Gentle Snow to join Zero Wing.

Currently, Gentle Snow was only Level 103 and geared in Level 100 Dark-Gold Equipment. While she might be a Void Realm expert, it'd take her a lot of time and effort to catch up to the progress of the various superpowers' experts with her lack of level and equipment.

At the very least, Gentle Snow wouldn't be of any use to Zero Wing in the short term.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing was currently overflowing with talents. As evidence, players seeking to join Zero Wing needed to be at the Half-step Refinement Realm standard. Older players even needed to be at the Refinement Realm standard to have a chance at joining Zero Wing.

Not to mention, Zero Wing could mass-produce the Primordial Mana Equipment Set. So long as a Refinement Realm expert donned that set, they would instantly gain strength nearing the Tier 4 standard. This was a standard that even most peak experts had difficulty achieving in the current Miniature Ancient World.

"I know. I have a lot of faith in Miss Snow's strength," Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the anxiety on Lin Yaoyue's face. "Also, I've already said that I won't force you to do anything even if you join Zero Wing. Our relationship is only a business transaction. You'll help Zero Wing complete quests, while Zero Wing will provide you with the resources necessary for your growth. What kind of quests you complete, what kind of resources you obtain, and how far you can grow depends on you.

"Of course, if you are willing to become an official member of the Zero Wing Alliance, you'll receive assistance far beyond what is available to outer members. In exchange, though, you'll have to shoulder a few more restrictions."

"A few more restrictions?" Lin Yaoyue was tempted by Shi Feng's words. "May I know what these restrictions are?"

Currently, Gentle Snow did not possess any background or backing. She had to rely on herself for everything in God's Domain. Although Lin Yaoyue held an executive position in Mysterious Moon and was regarded as a priority target for nurturing, the resources she could access were still very limited. At most, she could get a few pieces of Epic Weapons and Equipment for Gentle Snow. However, such items simply weren't enough to help Gentle Snow achieve rapid growth.

However, if Gentle Snow could receive Zero Wing's support, she might just be able to achieve a qualitative transformation. That way, she might get some relief from the problems plaguing her.

"Official members of the Zero Wing Alliance cannot refuse some of the more important quests and commissions. Of course, you will only be required to take on such quests and commissions four times a month. Moreover, these quests and commissions would typically award you with lucrative amounts of Contribution Points upon completion," Shi Feng explained. Then, he shared a list of resources with Lin Yaoyue and Gentle Snow before saying, "Here is a list of items available for exchange in the Zero Wing Alliance. Official members will receive a 10% discount when exchanging for these items. Outer members will not receive such a benefit."

When Lin Yaoyue and Gentle Snow finished browsing through the resource exchange list, they couldn't help but be shocked.

Setting aside the Saint-level Mana Technique, what the heck was this Ancient God's Blood? They had never heard of an item capable of upgrading a player's Mana Body before.

Why did so many experts come to the Miniature Ancient World?

The main reason was so that they could change their Mana Bodies.

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The Mana Body was a crucial factor that decided a player's future tier. The reason so many experts were unable to reach Tier 4 and Tier 5 was mainly because the rank of their Mana Bodies was too low.

However, the only way players could change their Mana Bodies on the main continent was by deleting their accounts and restarting their progress. Meanwhile, this was a decision that most people dared not do. After all, nobody could say for certain whether the opportunities they encountered in their new account would be better. It was especially so now that the various powers had long since monopolized most of the resources and opportunities available on the main continent. Playing a new account was a very risky endeavor in such a situation.

However, it was a different story for the Miniature Ancient World. In addition to being free from the various powers' control, the Miniature Ancient World contained much better opportunities than the main continent. Hence, many experts had flocked to the Miniature Ancient World seeking to improve their Mana Bodies.

If there really existed a tool that could upgrade a player's Mana Body, the various superpowers' old monsters would probably go crazy for it.

"I am confident in Miss Snow's strength, so I can offer you a bonus benefit if you become an official member," Shi Feng said, smiling as he looked at Gentle Snow. "So long as you become an official member, I will give you an Ancient God's Blood and help you upgrade your Mana Body."

When Lin Yaoyue heard Shi Feng's offer, she quickly looked to Gentle Snow and said, "Big Sis Snow, you might as well become an official member. If you have the Ancient God's Blood, you might just be able to get the rumored Epic Mana Body. With it, your chances of reaching Tier 6 will become significantly greater."

Currently, Gentle Snow was in possession of a Peak Gold Mana Body. Going by the Ancient God's Blood's description, Gentle Snow should have a high chance of upgrading her Mana Body to Epic rank if she used it.

Even the Five Great Super Guilds' old monsters didn't necessarily have an Epic Mana Body. The amount of help Gentle Snow could gain from an Epic Mana Body would be unimaginable.

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Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
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Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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