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ITDO - Chapter 247 - Dragon City Can Make People Sell Their Bodies

The white city was located at the edge of a wide mountain. Its marbled, lustrous walls filled all who saw it with a sense of majesty and sanctity that was rare, even on the main continent.

In truth, Dragon City could really be called a divine kingdom because its ruler was a true god.

Roselia looked at the city with a complex gaze because a few years ago, this city had belonged to the Theocracy, but now it belonged to a powerful dragon.

The gates of Dragon City were wide enough for dozens of carriages to travel side by side. When Corvin drove into the city, he was immediately met with a lively, surging, passionate atmosphere.

All races or merchants and adventurers walked through the city. This was a unique scene in the world of San Soliel. Whether it was the human or the beastman kingdom, they shunned other races. Only Dragon City could do such a thing because its ruler was a dragon. As a result, it was possible to see all manner of individuals, be they human, beastman, or even elves.

“Good day sir, this must be your first time in Dragon City. I am a permanent resident of Dragon City and I know the city very well.”

There were many local guides at the entrance of the city. They would approach nobles and merchants coming in, but they don’t bother the adventurers.

This was because they knew that adventurers were not willing to spend money just for this. They prefer to rely on their own feet to seek information.

Corvin did not say yes or no. He just looked at the carriage and waited for the princess’ answer.

“Corvin, I happen to be hungry. I heard that the food in Dragon City is different from other places. Why not have this guide take us somewhere to eat.”

Andrea’s tone was brisk and her voice soft.

“Hear that? My lady said she wants to eat. Take us to the best restaurant here.”

Corvin whispered and pulled out a silver coin before pausing. He placed back the silver coin and took out banknotes, “Right, first take us to a place where we can exchange for the money here.”

The coinage from the Subila Empire was applicable everywhere on the continent. It could even be called the mainstream currency of the continent. This was the first time Corvin encountered a place that did not recognize the Empire’s coinage.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have you dining in a jiffy. The best restaurant is a place the lord himself dines in on occasion. I’m sure you’ll have a good experience.”

“The restaurant receives normal customers when the lord is not eating. Due to always being in service to the lord, the restaurant has also received condiments that only the lord possesses, but the food there is expensive. Of course, that isn’t a problem for the truly wealthy. And it’s absolutely worth it.”

The guide’s eyes shone after Corvin gave him the money. He immediately guided them to exchange some money.

Not far from the princess’ carriage was a man wearing a bright golden robe with one hand behind his back. His presence was bright, but the crowd passing by seemed to not see him and passed by beside him. This was Louie’s power, the power of a god.

His inverted pupils watched as the carriage moved forward. After thinking a bit he leisurely followed behind.

This was one of Louie’s favorite activities – moving in the territory unnoticed, observing the construction in the city, and feeling the faith coming towards him. Seeing the changes to the entire city in accordance made him feel happy.

This was the territory that he created and owned.

Louie thus followed these distinguished visitors to a three-story building in the noble district. He watched as two men and two women walked into the restaurant. He also followed closely behind and stepped in.

“Your Highness, what an aromatic smell.”

The restaurant was worthy of the claim that it was dedicated to cooking for the lord. Its interior decorations were luxurious with many private rooms inside, giving enough privacy to the people who came here to dine.

After the four people were seated, Corvin’s nose twitched, and he let out a sigh.

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He looked around and saw that the waiters in this restaurant were all beautiful female elves who filled all others with adoration. And surprisingly, the restaurant’s chef was a halfling, a race known to have the most advanced culinary skills on the continent.

“Damn, this place is truly extravagant. They actually have elves as waitresses. Also, just looking at that halfling’s cooking skills, it might be at the top among all the halflings. The cost of food here is definitely not low.”

Corvin sucked in a breath of cold air. He might be the princess’ guard, but he didn’t have much money. If he was on his own, he would definitely not come here to spend.

Looking through the menu, Derek’s eyes jumped. He was shocked at the meal prices. He looked around and found that the people who dine here were dressed luxuriously. They were either big noblemen or big businessmen.

After hesitating for a while, this legendary rank warrior let out embarrassed words, “Your Highness, can I apply for reimbursement?”

“It’s okay, please order as much as you like, Commander Derek! I will explain it to my father upon my return.”

“You truly are an angel.”

Hearing that the princess was going to settle the problem of cost, Derek did not remain polite.

The paladin beside him sneaked a glance at the menu prices and immediately went stiff. She felt inward apprehension, touched the money pouch on her waist, and knew that her money was not going to be enough.

As a paladin, she could not bear to dine and dash. If that happened, she might be detained to work off her debts and thought that the Theocracy would pay for her freedom.

“Sister Roselia shouldn’t be polite. Please order anything you’d like to eat.”

The princess smiled sweetly.

“H-how could I bear to…”

Roselia wanted to refuse the princess treating her, but her sharp sense of smell made her fascinated by the aroma. For a moment, the devil in her mind made her surrender and she agreed. She was originally wary of this strange princess, but now, her good feeling suddenly increased.

‘Oh Goddess of Morning above, I lack training.’

In a panic, she hurriedly closed her eyes and began to pray.

At this time, Andrea seemed to have noticed something. She gazed at a private room not far away and her expression filled with anger.

“Your Highness, what’s wrong?”

Corvin, who had been watching, noticed her expression and asked in a low voice.

“That is the son of the Imperial Archduke Campbell, and those people around him are also children of imperial dukes, marquises, and earls.”

Andrea’s voice contained irritation.

Corvin immediately understood the situation. In the private room close by, there were children of large noble families often coming here to eat. By association, this meant that they were spending money like water. These nobles were perhaps scrounging the people of the empire and then bringing their wealth to spend lavishly in Dragon City.

“I have always heard that many nobles in the empire are bringing huge amounts of money to Dragon City for entertainment. Even some of the top prostitutes of the Empire have traveled here for work. I even heard that some count almost lost his family heirloom here. I had laughed it off as a joke and thought that it was impossible for a city to make people spend so much money, but now, it seems to be all true.”

Corvin whispered in shock and anger.

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These people in the upper echelons of the empire were pulling wool over its eyes. The lavish amounts of the empire’s money helped Dragon City to grow.

The paladin at the side also nodded her head and sighed. Just eating a single meal here would probably force the paladin to sell her body!

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