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RSSGSS - Chapter 149 - Meeting Gentle Snow for the First Time

Burning Land, Blackstone Orc's campsite:

After grinding Blackstone Orcs for several hours, Zero Wing's members saw an increase in their levels. It was especially true for Rampant Blade and the ex-members of Shadow. Despite being at Level 100 just a few hours ago, they were now Level 103. This was due to the significant EXP bonuses they received as a result of the difference in levels between them and the monsters. As for the other players in the team, although not as significant as the ex-Zero Wing members, all of them still leveled up once. Even Shi Feng had leveled up once, reaching Level 109.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Shi Feng's power-leveling rivaled the power-leveling provided by Tier 4 experts on the main continent.

While Shi Feng was taking a break after just defeating another group of Blackstone Orcs, the sound of a message notification suddenly entered his ears.

Lin Yaoyue is here?

Shi Feng smiled when he saw the contents of the message Blakeana, the Candlelight Hotel's manager, sent him.

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Shi Feng had granted Blakeana a certain degree of authority over the Candlelight Hotel. In addition, so long as someone he listed as important visited the Candlelight Hotel, Blakeana would message him and inform him immediately.

Currently, there were only three people Shi Feng had listed as important: Galaxy Past, Hidden Soul, and Lin Yaoyue.

In Shi Feng's eyes, Lin Yaoyue was a magical genius. While the average Domain Realm expert might not be able to notice this detail, Shi Feng could sense it clearly. Lin Yaoyue possessed an incredibly high affinity with Mana. Even though she was only Tier 3 right now, her perception toward Mana was already nearing the Tier 5 standard. The odds of someone having such a talent were less than 0.01%.

Had Lin Yaoyue joined a superpower instead of a first-rate Guild like Mysterious Moon, she would've probably gained a Mana Domain already by now, and her combat power would surpass even Galaxy Past.

"Everyone is close to reaching their corrosion threshold already, Guild Leader," Su Qianliu reminded Shi Feng after looking at Rampant Blade and the others. Judging by their complexions, it was clear that they were no longer at peak mental performance.

Compared to the maps located near NPC Cities, the foreign energy present in the Burning Land was much denser. As a result, players' bodies also get corroded much more quickly. Meanwhile, in addition to putting players in a hungry and energy-deprived state, the corrosion of foreign energy would also drain a person's mental state. In addition, once a player's corrosion threshold reached a certain level, they would quickly die if they didn't return to a city to rest.

The foreign energy present in God's Domain's Level 100-plus maps was also the main factor restricting a player's leveling speed. Due to the presence of this foreign energy, players could not grind for as long as they wanted. After factoring in travel and recovery times, even if there were 48 hours in a day in God's Domain, the average player could only spend around a dozen of those hours grinding and leveling up in a Level 100-plus map.

The situation was even worse in the Burning Land. Even a player with a Gold Mana Body could, at most, last around 13 or 14 hours here. As for those with Bronze and Silver Mana Bodies, they couldn't even last 10 hours here.

"Okay. Let's head back and rest, then," Shi Feng said, nodding.

The current leveling speed of Zero Wing's members was already beyond everyone else in God's Domain. After all, Zero Wing's members had Abyssal Star City's NPC guards escorting them to the border of the Burning Land. They had a huge advantage over the various superpowers' teams that had to travel out of the Misty Canyon by themselves.

Rampant Blade and the others sighed in relief when they heard Shi Feng's words. At the same time, they couldn't help but be amazed by Shi Feng, Su Qianliu, and the other executives of Zero Wing.

While they were having trouble controlling their bodies due to their hunger and mental fatigue, Shi Feng and the other executives of Zero Wing only looked a little tired. Shi Feng, in particular, behaved no differently than usual, and he could still toy around with the Blackstone Orcs with little effort.

Subsequently, Su Qianliu and the others took out a Guild Transfer Scroll and teleported back to Zero Wing's Residence in Abyssal Star City.

As for Shi Feng, he used a Return Scroll for Hundred Flow City.

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Hundred Flow City, Candlelight Hotel:

"The Mana here sure is dense. It's much denser than the other hotels in Hundred Flow City," Gentle Snow exclaimed while sitting in the Candlelight Hotel's reception room. "I can even feel the foreign energy in my body getting purified much more quickly. It's no wonder even World Dominators is fearful of Zero Wing."

Increasing the Mana density of an area was a challenging task in God's Domain. Moreover, the higher the density, the greater the difficulty.

The Miniature Ancient World originally possessed a rich Mana environment already, and it was close to matching the various superpowers' holy lands on the main continent.

Yet, the Candlelight Hotel had managed to further improve this already-dense Mana by a large margin, creating a Mana environment that was superior to even that of the various superpowers' holy lands. On top of that, the Candlelight Hotel's environment could also accelerate the purification of foreign energy.

Not even the various superpowers could produce such a Mana environment in the current God's Domain. Yet, Zero Wing had accomplished it.

"This is nothing, Big Sis Snow. Whether it is the Mana density or the foreign energy purification rate here, both are only a fraction of what is available in Abyssal Star City," Lin Yaoyue said. Then, with a look of envy, she continued, "Currently, all of Zero Wing's members are operating from Abyssal Star City. Their development rate is significantly faster than players like us who can only operate around NPC Cities."

Every player in the Miniature Ancient World was looking to reach Level 120 as soon as possible. It was so that they could enter the Boundary Mountain Range and become the first to capitalize on the resources of two God's Domains.

Meanwhile, Abyssal Star City was undoubtedly the easiest solution to achieve this goal.

Because of this, Lin Yaoyue had come to join Zero Wing as an outer member. In addition, she had also persuaded Gentle Snow to join Zero Wing with her.

Currently, there were only two Guilds garrisoned in Abyssal Star City, and all members belonging to these two Guilds could freely enter the city. Meanwhile, so long as the two of them became Zero Wing's outer members, they, too, could freely enter Abyssal Star City.

Although Lin Yaoyue wouldn't be able to teleport into Abyssal Star City directly since she was still a member of Mysterious Moon, that wasn't a problem for Gentle Snow. Gentle Snow didn't have a Guild, so she could join Zero Wing and purchase Zero Wing's Guild Transfer Scrolls.

While Lin Yaoyue and Gentle Snow were talking, the reception room's doors suddenly opened. Then, a cloaked young man walked into the room, and this person was none other than Shi Feng.

Gentle Snow?

Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the incredibly familiar woman sitting inside the reception room.

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SS Chapter 30:
Meteor Glow -> Luminous Starlight
Frost Heaven -> Skyfrost Blizzard
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SS Chapter 44:
Dragon Magic -> Draconic Spell
(Draconic Spell was previously brought up in Chapter 2322 of the main story.)
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