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ITDO - Chapter 245 - Dragon God’s Reservations

“Are you the third princess and the head of the Imperial Guards of the Subila Empire?”

Every paladin was favored by the goddess. They had truly noble hearts and were the Goddess’ representative on the main continent. These paladins had a high position in the church. With their high moral character, they never competed for profit or power, thus the Theocracy was comfortable giving them authority.

As a senior figure among the paladins, Roselia knew about the higher-ups of the Empire that were hostile to the Theocracy. Therefore when the Emperor’s closest commander and princess appeared, she recognized them at first sight.

Roselia’s words made the adventurers shocked. They simply never expected to meet a member of the Subila Empire’s imperial family here. Thinking about the hostile relationship between the Empire and the Theocracy, these adventurers were fearful, and they worried that this paladin would clash with the other party. If that happened, they would become bystanders who got caught in the crossfire.

As Roselia’s words fell, the nervous Corvin rushed forward to protect the princess while watching the paladin with hostility.

Although paladins were well-known for their stubbornness, it did not mean that they could not read the atmosphere. In their code of conduct, they were the Goddess’ warriors. The battles between the Theocracy and the Empire were not even considered by them. If the people in front of her were embodiments of evil, then Roselia would not hesitate to go forward and fight, but since they weren’t evil, Roselia could pretend to not have seen anything.

“I am Andrea Abel Sublia. It’s a pleasure to meet Miss paladin.”

A lively and cheerful heavenly voice came out of the princess's mouth. The princess who had a beautiful face looked at Roselia with curious eyes. Her smile was like a pure angel that could make anyone happy. Even those nervous and fearful adventurers felt admiration from the bottom of their hearts and could not bear to carry any hostility against her.

“I am Roselia, belonging to the Holy Iris Knights of the Goddess of Morning,” she replied.

“I have heard of the princess before. Her fame within the Empire is resounding. She takes care of the lower class people and often distributes relief goods in the imperial capital for those poor people to eat.”

“It is said that she also proposed a lot of laws for the poor people, but every one of them was rejected by the emperor and the nobles.”

“I also know about this. There are so many poor people within the empire who lament the fact that the princess is third in the line of succession and cannot become the emperor.”

Roselia’s ears sharply picked up the whispers of the adventurers and could tell the admiration in their words.

Many adventurers were actually forced to take this path. They had experienced poverty in the past and could only survive by selling their lives. Those that had good luck could save up before growing too old and return to their hometown to buy a piece of land, while the worst luck would die somewhere without anyone knowing.

These adventurers wanted to go to Dragon City because they heard that it was the ‘Capital of Gold’ and thought that they could earn some money.

In the face of this angel-like being who helped the poor, it was natural for them to exude goodwill from the depths of their hearts.

However, Roselia felt a chill. The more innocent the princess smiled, the more her soul trembled. Her keen instincts told her that the princess was not as simple as she seemed.

She did not move and nodded her head, “Your Highness and sir, we are heading towards Dragon City. If you have nothing else to say, we will take our leave.”

Roselia’s voice was resounding. Even in the face of a higher legendary rank powerhouse that she could not defeat, she still remained fearless.

Her words were in line with Derek’s thoughts. Although the paladin’s power was nothing in his eyes, paladins had a special place in the Theocracy. He didn’t want to touch her even if he could.

But before Derek could say anything, the words that came from Andrea’s mouth surprised him, “Sister Roselia, you are also going to Dragon City? Our destination is the same. How about we go together? I’ve read in books that when adventurers meet together, they unite to lower risks.”

The princess’s tone was light. Her face carried an innocent expectation, but her capricious words made Derek, Corvin, and Roselia frown.

“Your Highness, she is from the Theocracy.”

Derek couldn’t help but remind her.

“It’s fine Commander Derek. Although sister Roselia is from the Theocracy, she is also a paladin.”

The princess’ words were full of trust. If it was a normal person, they would have already appreciated the princess’ benevolence, but Roselia was a paladin with special skills, so she could not help but be wary.

The princess’ words left Derek speechless, and even Roselia’s mouth unconsciously opened. They were not able to find any words of rebuttal. As a paladin, could she even call herself untrustworthy?

Having no choice, Derek could only say, “Since that’s the case, miss paladin, please come with us to Dragon City.”

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Roselia let out a sigh. She knew that she could not refuse. She could only calmly nod her head and get on the carriage without saying anything while the head of the princess guards, Corvin, watched her warily. For the sake of the princess’ safety, he should not completely believe in the paladin.

Just like that, the two factions in the west that were hostile to each other came together. They moved through the Freshwater Desert and towards Dragon City. With Derek, a legendary rank powerhouse, they had nothing to fear as long as they did not encounter something on the level of an ancient dragon.

When this group of people entered the range of Dragon City’s territory, Louie was able to immediately sense it.

He looked with his eyes to gaze at several people.

“The paladin has the same atmosphere as that warrior I slapped to death when I first arrived. Is she here to take revenge? But she isn’t even of legendary rank. If she’s coming for revenge then she’s really looking down on me too much.”

Louie shook his head. Then he looked at the legendary rank warrior, Derek. This level of a warrior was someone no one could fight against other than Louie in the entire Dragon City. He was worth his special attention.

“As expected of a legendary rank warrior, he actually noticed my gaze.”

When Louie’s eyes fixed on Derek, Derek’s body tensed up and subconsciously gripped the weapon in his hand.

Finally, Louie looked at the young lady who exuded a lively and innocent atmosphere, but he raised his eyebrows as he looked.

“How strange. There is something strange with this woman.”

Louie just quietly watched the arrival of these people. He wanted to see what their goals were. Recently, several legendary powerhouses had arrived in Dragon City, but as long as they did not cause trouble, Louie would not pay attention to them.

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Dragon City was open to the world.

Now that he was infinitely close to becoming a true God, he naturally had a god’s reservations.

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